Distinguished Engineering Alumni Medal

UC Davis DEAM Winners 2017

Pictured (left to right): Katherine Ferrara, Francis Lee, John Wasson, Adam Steltzner, Jennifer Sinclair Curtis, Brian Horsfield, Margie Evashenk.

Each year the Distinguished Engineering Alumni Medal recognizes alumni whose professional and personal achievements bring special honor to the College of Engineering.

These annual awards recognize outstanding UC Davis College of Engineering alumni who meet the following criteria:
  • 10 or more years since graduation from the College.
  • Record of outstanding achievement in any of the following areas: academia, business and public service. Nominations are not limited to these categories, but should recognize alumni with overall high distinction in their field. 
  • Distinguished service to the college, profession or the community.

Nomination Process

The nomination deadline for 2018 has passed. Nominations for the next class of medalists will open in early 2019.

Questions regarding the Distinguished Engineering Alumni Medal should be directed to:

Melinda Seevers, Assistant Dean for Development and External Relations
phone: 530-752-7412, email:

DEAM Reception

The 2018 Distinguished Engineering Alumni Medalists will receive their medals at the Mondavi Center at a reception and ceremony from 6 – 9 p.m. on October 26, 2018.

Past DEAM Recipients

  • 2017: Margie Evashenk, Katherine Ferrara, Brian Horsfield, Francis Lee, Adam Steltzner
  • 2016: William L. Ballhaus, Ahmed M. Darwish, Layton S. Han, Paul C. Johnson, Elizabeth G. Loboa, Iman Oskoorouchi
  • 2015: Richard Corsi, Scott Maxwell, Carolyn Pura, Babak Taheri, Brian Underwood
  • 2014: April Fallon, Scott Johnson, William Milliken, Elaine Scott, John Wasson
  • 2013: Christine Gulbranson, Jeffrey C. Hoopes, Rose and Dave McCallen, Ted Odell, Earl Rennison, Humberto Rincon
  • 2012: Diane Bryant, Richard Chuang, Ron McGehee, Brian Maroney, Michael Ward
  • 2011: Alfred Chuang, Bryan Jenkins, David Kappos, Christopher Kane
  • 2010: Tim Bucher, Jeffrey G. Canclini, Michael Chajes
  • 2009: Howard Stone
  • 2008: Pamela J. Fair
  • 2007: W. Allen Marr
  • 2006: Robert H. Davis
  • 2005: Indira Samarasekara
  • 2004: Jose J. Granda
  • 2003: Richard Noble
  • 2002: Richard Miller
  • 2001: Arturo Lara Lopez
  • 2000: Bruce West
  • 1999: Karl Gerdes
  • 1998: Stephen Robinson
  • 1997: Giovannae Anderson
  • 1996: Ross R. Allen
  • 1995: Wilfred Brutsaert
  • 1994: Roy Imbsen
  • 1993: Frank Gill
  • 1992: Lucas Dobrzanski
  • 1991: William Gray
  • 1990: Randall M. German
  • 1989: William J. Porter