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The Engineering Student Startup Center at UC Davis has the state-of the-art resources and prototyping equipment you need to help you turn your idea into a prototype. Take one of our training and certification workshops so that you can get access to our equipment. Workshops are offered throughout the year on our on-campus space, and are free to all undergraduate students. To sign up, click here.

3D Printing and Scanning Safety and Basic Use Workshop

Learn how to use a 3D scanner to create digital models from physical prototypes, and how to operate a 3D printer for rapid prototyping. You will learn how to create plastic prototypes and how to troubleshoot different issues that may arise. Get certified on safety and basic use of the 3D printer and 3D scanner so you use them for your projects!

ShopBot Desktop Safety and Basic Use Workshop

This training will teach you how to use the ShopBot Desktop CNC to engrave and cut wood for the creation of high-precision hard prototypes. You will learn the proper procedures followed at the ESSC for warming-up, calibrating, and safely cutting wood with the ShopBot. In addition, this course teaches you the basics of using VCarve, a vector-based program to design your files for cutting. At then end of the training, you will be certified to use the ESSC ShopBot anytime you need it for a project. This is a two-part course, and you must attend both sessions consecutively!

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