Grant Recipients

AdventXLogoA AdventX
Integrated robotics solutions making the world a better place.
Lead: Alex Elkman
Archer Software Corporation developed gesture interface software for users to interact with their TVs, just like they do with their iPhones or iPads, but now remotely across the room.
Lead: Virgil Zhang
Broster The Broster
Broster Enterprise seeks to make the world a better place for the thirsty through fast-action beer coolers.
Lead: Muhaymin Khalid
Chow logo Chow
Chow is a free mobile app that acts as a platform for fast food restaurants to advertise directly to their target audience, giving them access to valuable, real-time user information that has never been available before, and will revolutionize advertising.
Lead: Kyle Howser
Dewdrop Logo Dewdrop
Dewdrop thinks of exciting activities for you to try by using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.
Lead: Reuben Dunn
IAC_LOGO_Stencil1 Intergalactic Adventure Company
IAC, the Intergalactic Adventure company, wants to fuse real world and virtual world, and we are working on mid-range laser positioning system, setting up an unify coordinate system for virtual-reality and Internet of Things.
Lead: Hengjiu Kang
Lark Industries devAlpha Logo Lark Industries
The devAlpha from Lark Industries is a device like no other; it changes the way you do things, and with the combination of cutting-edge technology, beautiful design and walk-over functionality, the possibilities are limitless.
Lead:  Vishal Chandrashekar Raju
ProFacts allows users with food allergies to know what proteins are in their food and how those proteins affect their health.
Lead: Alexander Godbout
Reddin builds premium eyewear for the urban adventurer at an accessible price point.
Lead: Arnold Trinh
Times up logo Times.up
Times.up is a smartphone application that provides automatic food inventories, expiration date reminders and recipe suggestions, encouraging full utilization of available groceries and reducing downstream food waste in the household.
Lead: Ernst Bertone Oehninger
Penji is a student learning community, built to encourage cooperation and strengthen campus networks. It is a platform that arranges 1-on-1, in person learning sessions (akin to tutoring), in an accessible, friendly, and efficient way. We’re giving students the on-demand help they need to keep up with a fast-paced college environment.
Lead: Ben Holmquist
Crately Logo
Crately is a free to use subscription service that delivers the items you use most directly to your door.
Lead: John Zuercher

Affiliated Startups

IOT air quality monitors for industrial and enterprise applications, providing accessible local air quality data which can be aggregated and used for mapping on a grand scale.
Lead: Kent Makishima


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