Advising Holds

What is an Annual Advising Hold?

Every academic year you are required to meet with your program adviser. In most cases, advising hold meetings will consist of the following:
· Review of your progress toward graduation requirements
· Discussion of your academic plan for the next three quarters
· Opportunity to ask any questions

The process to clear a hold varies by major, so make sure you check early to see what you need to do. Click on your major below for further direction.

Aerospace Science & Engineering
Biochemical Engineering
Biological Systems Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

How do I view a hold?

Advising holds show as alerts in Schedule Builder and OASIS. Carefully check the date of pending holds, which are informational only, highlighted in tan/light yellow, and do not prevent course registration. Current holds are highlighted in red and DO prevent course registration. Visit your department’s undergraduate advising website for specific instructions to clear the hold.

  • Advising holds are placed each year, usually in mid-September before the start of fall quarter.
  • You must clear your hold by the deadline associated with the first letter of your last name (see below).
  • If you don’t clear the hold by the deadline you will be unable to make changes to your class schedule until the hold is removed.

Here is a sample of how the alert will appear.


When should I see my advisor to clear an advising hold?

The quarter in which you must meet for annual advising is determined by the first letter of your last name:

  • A—G: In fall quarter (clear hold by December 15 every year)
  • H—N: In winter quarter (clear hold by March 15 every year)
  • O—Z: In spring quarter (clear hold by September 15 every year)

Do I still need to clear a hold if I am planning to change to a major that is not in the College of Engineering?

Yes. As long as you are listed as a College of Engineering student you must clear your hold.

Students planning to change their major, or add an additional major are required to complete a Change of Major webform. The Change of Major form must be submitted to the appropriate advisers and dean’s offices involved.