Minimum Progress FAQ

What is the minimum progress requirement?

To meet the minimum progress requirement, a full-time regular undergraduate must maintain an average of at least 13 units passed over all quarters of enrollment. Minimum progress is calculated at the end of every Spring Quarter for the preceding academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring). Only full-time quarters are considered.

Detailed information on the minimum progress requirement can be found at

What will count toward my minimum progress total?

  • Units from all credit-bearing courses completed with a passing grade at UC Davis are counted.
  • Workload units (e.g. MATH D or WLD 57) completed with a grade of ‘D-‘ or better will count toward minimum progress, even though these courses may not yield units toward your degree.
  • Units from repeated courses are counted up to a maximum of 16 units.
  • Units from in-progress courses (IP) will be counted as units passed.
  • Incomplete units are counted in the quarter during which the course was originally taken once a grade is assigned.

What about Advanced Placement units, or units completed prior to matriculating to UC Davis?

Advanced placement (AP) units and units completed prior to a student’s first regular full-time quarter at UC Davis will not count toward minimum progress.

Do courses completed over the summer count toward minimum progress?

Yes, units from transferable course work completed with a passing grade at UC Davis or any other college during the summer after your first year will count toward minimum progress. The units completed during summer will be applied to the next full-time quarter of enrollment.

What if I am a part-time student?

Students who are officially approved for part-time status are exempt from the minimum progress calculation for the period of time that they maintain part-time status.

What if I am not enrolled for all three quarters of the academic year?

If you are on PELP, withdrawn, or you readmit during the academic year, the quarters for which you are not enrolled on a full-time basis will not be included in the minimum progress calculation.

What if I can’t average 13 units per quarter?

Students who are unable to average 13 units per quarter because of medical reasons, work or family care obligations might be eligible for part-time student status. Otherwise, a student is expected to meet minimum progress. You qualify for enrollment in part-time status if, for reasons of occupation, family responsibility, health or, graduating senior status (one term only), you are unable to attend the university on a full-time basis. You must file for part-time status each quarter. To be considered eligible, undergraduate students must be registered in 10 units (including workload units) or fewer by the tenth day of instruction that quarter. Minimum progress requirements are waived for part-time students. Undergraduate petitions are available at the Office of the University Registrar and require approval by the University Registrar.

What will happen if I do not meet the minimum progress requirement?

If at the end of the spring quarter you have earned between 36 and 38 units for that academic year, you will be placed on academic probation and may have two additional quarters to meet minimum progress. The summer is not considered a “quarter.”

If at the end of the spring quarter you have earned 35 or fewer units, you will be subject to disqualification and may have one additional quarter to meet minimum progress. The summer is not considered a “quarter.”

In either case, if you have not met minimum progress at the end of the spring quarter a “degree progress average” will be calculated at the end of the next full-time quarter of enrollment at UC Davis. This calculation will reflect the average progress per quarter for your entire UC Davis record. If the degree progress average is less than 13 units per quarter, you will be subject to disqualification.

If you are subject to disqualification for two consecutive quarters for failure to meet minimum progress, you shall be dismissed from the university.

Can I petition for a waiver of minimum progress?

Generally it is not possible to waive the minimum progress requirement. However, exceptions may be granted if you have an minimum progress waiver approved by the Student Disability Center. Please speak with an adviser or the Student Disability Center for further details.

Will I still be able to graduate if I have not met minimum progress?

If you have officially filed to graduate and have met all degree requirements will be allowed to graduate even if you are subject to disqualification for minimum progress.

If I order an official transcript, will it indicate that I did not meet minimum progress?

Unless you are actually dismissed from the University, the official transcript won’t include a minimum progress notation.

Can I be dismissed for minimum progress even if my GPA is above 2.0?

Yes, you can be dismissed for either qualitative reasons (GPA) or quantitative reasons (too few units).

What can I do if I am on probation or subject to disqualification for minimum progress after Spring Quarter?

If you have not met minimum progress, you should complete units during the summer to make up the deficit.

What should I do if I am dismissed?

The first and most important step following dismissal is to schedule an appointment with an adviser in the Undergraduate Advising Office in 1050 Kemper Hall. The adviser will discuss with you options for returning to UC Davis.


For questions and advising, please contact the Undergraduate Advising Office in 1050 Kemper Hall or at (530) 752-1979.