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Welcome to the College of Engineering!

The UC Davis College of Engineering provides an undergraduate engineering education based on strong fundamentals, giving students the tools, they need to prepare for careers and continue to grow and adapt in a quickly changing technical world. Our students have many opportunities for hands-on engineering through undergraduate research, design competitions, student clubs, internships and, of course, classroom projects, with access to a large, well-equipped student shop, a rare resource in engineering schools today.

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Prepare for Advising

Class Registration

  • Preparing for Registration
  • Incoming students are always eager to know what their first classes are going to be. The first-quarter class list for all engineering majors looks very similar. The major emphasis of the first year is to build a foundation for all future courses. The primary emphasis during the first year should be on success in prerequisite courses in mathematics, English, and other major related subjects.

    First-year students are welcome to use the First Quarter Course Recommendation Tool (available soon) for extra support for your plan. Transfer students should work with their major advisors to identify the most appropriate courses to take in fall quarter.

    Units: Students need to take a minimum of 12 units a quarter to be full-time and for on-campus housing and/or financial aid reasons. However, it is recommended that students complete an average of 15 units a quarter in order to graduate in four years.  Workload units count toward full-time status and minimum progress but do not go towards the 180 units needed for graduation.
  • Pay Attention to Prerequisites
  • Prerequisites are courses or skills that an instructor believes should already have been mastered by a student before enrollment. The General Catalog and Schedule Builder provide a description for every course at UC Davis and lists both the required and recommended prerequisites.

    Faculty members have the option to enforce prerequisites and drop students who have not met the prerequisites (or a prerequisite of a prerequisite) for a course.

    A student should have a grade of C- or better in any course listed as a prerequisite prior to registering for the subsequent course. Prerequisites can change during a catalog period, so students should check the department’s website for current prerequisite course information.

Registration Periods

Students register for classes during Pass One Registration, Pass Two Registration, and Open Registration registration periods.

Pass One Registration

Incoming students are automatically assigned to a three day, Monday–Wednesday, registration period to schedule their fall quarter classes. Students are scheduled based upon their college. The Pass One Registration process includes a scheduled four-hour appointment window followed by three open registration windows.

Scheduled Pass One — Four Hour Window

  • Monday: Either 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Open Pass One — Three More Opportunities

  • Monday: 5 p.m. to midnight (same night as your Scheduled Pass One)
  • Tuesday: 6 a.m. to midnight
  • Wednesday: 6 a.m. to midnight
Open Registration - All New Students

After Pass One Registration has concluded, an Open Registration period is available to new students to continue scheduling and modifying their courses.

Pass Two Registration

After Open Registration has concluded, the Pass Two Registration period opens for all students to continue scheduling and modifying their courses.

Open Registration - All Students

After Pass Two has concluded, a final Open Registration period is available to all students to finish scheduling and modifying their courses.

Using Schedule Builder, make sure to enroll during your Pass 1. If you don’t get the courses you need, you will have an opportunity to add more units and/or waitlist a class during Pass 2 and Schedule Adjustment.

Consider a First-Year Seminar. First-Year Seminars provide the opportunity to explore unique and interesting topics. The classes are small and are taught by some of our best instructors around a topic they are passionate about. Past topics of particular interest to engineers: Sustainable Practices for the Built Environment, Chemicals in the Environment, Introduction to Flight Testing and Simulation, How Satellites Work and many more. You can find a comprehensive list of topics online at ucdavis.edu/student

Nuts and bolts, ENG 001, is a 10-week seminar series that provides an overview of each major in the College of Engineering. It is designed to help students understand the interconnections of the different engineering majors and to determine the major that best fits each of their personal interests. Even if you are sure of your major, this seminar series is a great introduction to engineering!