The College of Engineering and UC Davis are committed to protecting personal privacy and the personal information collected via its departmental and official Web pages. The College does not share data with third parties or remarket your data.  In addition, we adhere to the information privacy policies established by UC Davis, which can be found at and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We have partnered with analytical data processors Google, and Hotjar. The analytical tools collect information to understand the needs of our users.  We examine visited pages or search terms to improve navigation and make this information more readily available to our audience.

These products are configured to honor the “Do Not Track” header in your browser.  If you have enabled this setting Google and Hotjar will not collect data.

During your visit the computer’s network IP number is stored. The IP in anonymized by removing the last octet.  The IP will not give us an exact location, but will provide a general geographical location of site visitors.  This is valuable to assist in the understanding of languages and needs of the visitor as well as the interest in our program. 

We will store the collected data through our next website redesign project which is slated to be completed June 2020.  After the redesign project we will keep records for up to two years.

Google and Hotjar have methods to remove your IP from the analytical reports.  Make a request by sending your IP to

In addition to our analytical data sprocessors, our server logs will collect IP information.  The logs are critical in the protection of our servers from malicious activity.  This information is stored for approximately six months from your visit.


Campus information privacy policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)