The UC Davis College of Engineering integrates teaching, research and service to society to advance the leading edge of engineering knowledge and train the next generation of engineers to address society’s toughest and most pressing challenges.

With a long-standing commitment to undergraduate students, we provide strong engineering programs that balance scientific principles with practical applications in engineering design. These programs prepare students for entry into engineering practice, graduate-level research and professional schools. We challenge our undergraduates to collaborate and communicate effectively, as they begin the process of lifelong professional growth. In addition, we challenge our graduate students to join with our faculty and staff in advancing the understanding and application of a broad spectrum of modern science and technology.

We are committed to being one of the world’s foremost engineering research institutions while contributing to U.S. technological leadership and striving to benefit our global society.

The College of Engineering continues to make our environment welcoming and supporting to women and underrepresented students, and our unwavering dedication to student success and diversity sets us apart from other large, public institutions of higher education.

In addition, we are an engine for social mobility for students. 25 percent of UC Davis’ student population is Hispanic, and in 2019 we will be officially recognized as a Hispanic-serving institution. Read more about the College of Engineering’s mission and goals in the College’s three-year strategic plan [LINK], which was implemented in fall 2018.