Engineering Education

Brewed to Perfection

It’s a scorching summer morning at UC Davis, but inside a laboratory at Everson Hall, about 20 students are busy brewing hot cups of joe. They’ve just completed a competition to brew the perfect cup of coffee — and earned college credits at the same time.

STEM Outreach Program Helps Middle School Students SOAR

Student mentors from SOAR visit classrooms in-person once a month, host virtual events, coordinate field trips to the museum, and serve as role models for students throughout the academic year. They also partner with teachers from COA to reinforce their current curriculum and engage students with activities that encourage scientific problem-solving and exploration. 

2022 QuIST Colloquium Helps Set Global Stage for Quantum Information Science at UC Davis

Throughout the end of 2022, the College of Engineering funded a series of nine presentations from scholars across the globe and one professional from Google as part of its inaugural Quantum Information Science and Technology, or QuiST, Colloquium. The college recognized the effort as part of its Next Level strategic vision, which uplifts research and education that engineers a better world for all.