Prospective transfer students should decide which set of GE requirements they plan to complete prior to transferring to UC Davis. There are two options, as listed below:

UC Davis General Education (GE) Requirements

The General Education (GE) requirement promotes the intellectual growth of all undergraduates by ensuring that they acquire a breadth of knowledge that will enlarge their perspectives beyond the focus of a major and serve them well as participants in a knowledge-based society.

The General Education (GE) requirement:

  • Seeks to stimulate continued intellectual growth by providing students with knowledge not only of the content but also of the methodologies of different academic disciplines.
  • Involves students in the learning process by its expectation of considerable writing and class participation.
  • Encourages students to consider the relationships between disciplines. See the Academic Senate for full descriptions of GE Requirements.

For all students who need to search GE courses, use Schedule Builder, the Class Search Tool or one of the GE course search tools to the right.

IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum)

IGETC is a set of courses designed to allow California community college students to complete their general education requirements before transferring to a UC campus or a California State University (CSU) campus. With some exceptions, students choosing the IGETC should complete it while at a California community college in order to fulfill all general education requirements that can be met with lower-division courses. Once admitted to UC Davis, but before you enroll in classes, you should submit a certificate of IGETC completion to UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions. 

For students transferring from another UC campus with the GE completed (Reciprocity):

If you are a transfer student who has completed the GE requirements of another UC campus, then you will not need to complete the UC Davis General Education requirement. However, please follow the steps below to ensure this information is included in your UC Davis record:

  1. Ask your prior University of California campus to write an official statement indicating that you fully satisfied the General Education requirements at that UC campus. Consult with the Registrar or your Dean’s Office at that UC campus for specific instructions on requesting such a statement. The statement must be on official UC letterhead and include a contact name/office.

NOTE: It is possible that UC reciprocity may not satisfy your upper-division composition requirement at UC Davis. Please consult with your UC Davis program advisor for details.

  1. Submit this official statement to the Engineering Undergraduate Office, located in 1050 Kemper Hall via the mail at:

Engineering Undergraduate Office
ATTN: UC Reciprocity
1 Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

  1. Once the official statement is received, you will receive a confirmation from the Engineering Undergraduate Office.