No profession unleashes the spirit of innovation like engineering. From research to real-world applications, engineers constantly discover how to improve our lives by creating bold new solutions that connect science to life in unexpected, forward-thinking ways. Few professions turn so many ideas into so many realities. Few have such a direct and positive effect on people’s everyday lives. We are counting on engineers and their imaginations to help us meet the needs of the 21st century.

Engineers make a world of difference.

From new farming equipment and safer drinking water to electric cars and faster microchips, engineers use their knowledge to improve people’s lives in meaningful ways.

Engineers are creative problem-solvers.

They have a vision for how something should work and are dedicated to making it better, faster, or more efficient.

Engineers help shape the future.

They use the latest science, tools, and technology to bring ideas to life.

Engineering is essential to our health, happiness and safety.

From the grandest skyscrapers to microscopic medical devices, it is impossible to imagine life without engineering.

Engineers connect science to the real world.

They collaborate with scientists and other specialists (such as animators, architects, or chemists) to turn bold new ideas into reality.