2019 College of Engineering Commencement

Strategic Plan and Vision

Vision Statement

Creating a sustainable world through socially responsible engineering.

Mission Statement

By connecting people and technology, we solve the world’s most pressing problems
and create the next generation of engineering leaders and entrepreneurs. Our faculty,
students, staff and partners collaborate to design a better tomorrow and make a positive
difference in the world. It’s in everything we do.


Engineering a better world calls for solutions of a different caliber, demanding innovation
across disciplines using a design-centric approach. From energy, climate and transportation
to biomedicine, agriculture technology and space exploration, we strive to bring a sustainable,
healthier and more resilient world within reach.

Our Focus: biomedicine; climate; food, energy and water; coffee science; transportation; space exploration. Our Approach: expertise; research; transformative; cross-disciplinary; sustainable; design-centric; challenging status quo. Our Culture: compassionate; ethical; inclusive; diverse; natural curiosity; self-aware; entrepreneurial