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Engineering for All

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Intelligent Systems and Automation

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Tools at the Nano- and Micro-Scales

We develop and employ cutting-edge miniaturized technologies to facilitate the advancement of our strategic research. Learn more

College of Engineering Celebrates Next Level Research Vision with 2023 Showcase

Just under a year after the College of Engineering and Dean Richard Corsi launched the Next Level research vision, on March 16 the college played host to the 2023 Next Level Research Showcase to celebrate 2022's award recipients, including their advancements in research and lessons learned.  

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Dean Richard Corsi

Leveling Up: Unveiling a Bold Vision for the College of Engineering

The education strategic vision is part of our college's overall vision, which encompasses research, education and community, and our core value of engineering a better world for all. 

Taking our college to the next level means amplifying our strengths to become outstanding leaders in the engineering challenges we address, the education we provide and the community we create. 

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