Student with protective equipment in a lab


Our Vision

The Office of Safety is dedicated to fostering a positive safety culture among all members of the College of Engineering and creating the premier safety culture at the University of California, Davis.

We fully support all faculty, staff, and students by being a source of safety and environmental guidance with the goal of finding a way that all activities within the College of Engineering can be performed safely.

Message from UC Davis Safety Services: We envision an incident-free campus where students and employees alike are educated and equipped to work safely. With support from campus safety professionals, they are empowered to take responsibility for safety at work, at home and in their communities.

Students working in the Coleman Kronawitter LabValues for a Safety Culture:

  • Community Spirit
  • Collaboration
  • Adherence to Law and Policy
  • Investment
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Accountability
Dr. Fernandez-Bayo in lab performing research

2022 College of Engineering Lab Safety Award Winner

Congratulations to Dioniso Fernandez-Bayo, PI in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, for winning the 2022 College of Engineering Lab Safety Award. Dr. Fernandez-Bayo's lab is studying how organic waste can be used as a biopesticide and provide an alternative for farmers who are forced to use harsh chemicals, many of which are banned for the risks they pose to health and safety.

This award recognizes the research lab that demonstrates the strongest commitment to laboratory safety, based on a combination of inspection findings and questionnaires from safety professionals. These awards are endorsed by the faculty-led Chemical and Lab Safety Committee.

The College of Engineering has a dynamic program to facilitate a culture of safety.  Some of these initiatives include:

  • A Director of Safety to help drive our efforts
  • A safety culture and risk team of career staff throughout the college
  • A Faculty Safety Culture Advisory Committee
  • A Graduate Student Safety Culture Advisory Committee
  • Our safety culture and risk survey of all graduate students, faculty, and staff in the college
  • A series of monthly safety/health learning events
  • A holistic view and frame for our approaches to safety culture and risk