College Leadership

Ralph Curtis Aldredge

  • Associate Dean
  • Undergraduate Studies
Ralph Aldredge provides leadership and oversight for undergraduate enrollment management, orientation and yield efforts, transfer student admissions, academic advising and intervention, retention programs, the Student Startup Center, ABET degree-program accreditation, assessment training for faculty and strategic efforts to improve the academic experience.
1050G Kemper Hall

Jeannie L. Darby

  • Associate Dean
  • Academic Personnel and Planning
Jeannie Darby is responsible for the overall area of academic personnel and planning. In this role, she oversees academic merits and promotions for the College of Engineering. She is also responsible for new appointments and reappointments of academic personnel. Finally, she oversees planning and search processes for faculty hiring.

Roland Faller

  • Executive Associate Dean
  • Facilities and Capital Planning
  • Graduate Studies
Roland Faller shares management responsibilities for college wide facilities as well as space planning, assignment and maintenance; liaison to central campus for facilities and space needs. Faller also oversees the graduate programs in the College of Engineering.
1042 Kemper Hall

Leigh Ann Hartman

  • Assistant Dean
  • Development and External Relations
Leigh Ann Hartman is responsible for building and fostering relationships with alumni and donors in an effort to strengthen the College’s network, increase public awareness of its programs, and secure private financial support in order to meet its goals.
2019 Academic Surge

Steve Pigg

  • Executive Director of Information Technology
  • Information Technology
Steve Pigg provides leadership and oversight for information technology and cybersecurity services and serves as liaison to central campus and the university system for IT needs.
2007 Academic Surge

Elissa Roeser

  • Executive Assistant Dean
  • Administration and Finance
Elissa Roeser leads staff for financial and administration; oversees financial operations, IT, HR and decision support. Leads policy, budget models, resource allocation, capital budgets, organizational structure and liaison for campuswide administrative units (accounting, HR, budget, IT, sponsored programs and contracts and grants).

Sanjeevi Sivasankar

  • Faculty Advisor to the Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Dean's Office
Sanjeevi Sivasankar leads efforts to attract, retain, serve and recognize diversity in students and faculty populations in the College of Engineering.
2519 GBSF


Academic chairs are faculty members and have critical leadership roles in their units, acting as liaisons to higher administration and serving to advance the research, teaching and service missions of their departments.

Fadi Fathallah

Fadi Fathallah

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Steven George

Steven George

Biomedical Engineering

Tonya Kuhl

Tonya Kuhl

Chemical Engineering

Chris Cappa

Chris Cappa

Civil and Environmental Engineering

dipak ghosal

Dipak Ghosal

Computer Science

Andre Knoesen

André Knoesen

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Yayoi Takamura

Yayoi Takamura

Materials Science and Engineering

Ben Saw

Ben Shaw

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering