2019 College of Engineering Commencement


The UC Davis College of Engineering creates a sustainable world through socially responsible engineering. By connecting people and technology, we solve the world’s most pressing problems and create the next generation of engineering leaders and entrepreneurs. Our faculty, students, staff and partners collaborate to design a better tomorrow and make a positive difference in the world. It’s in everything we do.

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Our students are prepared for a complex, interconnected world
Students presenting at the ENG 3 Design Showcase

  • The College of Engineering provides an exceptional student experience by combining theory with practice.
  • Our college’s diversity benefits our students’ self-driven learning approaches. They engage in client-focused, team-based projects through the Engineering Student Design Center, Student Startup Center and other design-centric approaches to engineering education.
  • The college produces well-rounded engineering graduates, who value its interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to teaching and learning. We integrate communication and other job-ready skills into student learning from the first year, as exemplified by our college-wide Introduction to Engineering Design course (ENG3).
  • Our students are challenged with rigorous curricula, and thus graduate with the skills necessary to contribute to society.
  • Our students highly sought after by the very best employers in the world.

Our faculty solve the world’s most pressing problems
Faculty member working in laboratory

  • The College of Engineering produces innovative, research-based solutions to complex problems and challenges.
  • Our research strengths include biomedicine; climate; food, energy and water; coffee science; transportation; and space exploration. Research in these areas are led by world-class experts who have secured significant external funding (e.g., centers and institutes).
  • We are known for both the high quality and diversity of our faculty, staff and students, who are proud of the college and its many contributions.
  • We incentivize and support outstanding research and teaching that allows an exciting and innovative exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Our alumni and donors help shape our future
Alumni speaking at the 2019 Distinguished Engineering Alumni Medal event

  • The College of Engineering is known as a trusted, collaborative partner that delivers on its commitments and serves as a “go to” resource for government, industry and alumni.
  • Our alumni are engaged with the college in a variety of ways that connect them to our mission, and we value their contributions to our students and the college.
  • Our donors and supporters invest in our college because they can see that their support is promoting the creation of word-class research facilities and learning outcomes that benefit society.