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Color Centers for Quantum Networking Devices

An international collaboration, including Marina Radulaski, assistant professor in the UC Davis Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, showed how tiny defects in silicon carbide called color centers could be used to construct quantum networking devices that can translate signals between photons and electronic spin.

Coffee Needs Research: UC Davis’ New Coffee Center Dedicated June 25th

Inside the New UC Davis Coffee Center

The UC Davis Coffee Center is the world's first academic research center focused on coffee, aiming to do for coffee what UC Davis has done for beer and wine. Through its research, teaching and mentorship, the center plans to train the next generation of coffee professionals while improving the entire industry and making it more sustainable.

Your Flying Taxi is Almost Here

In less than a decade, your taxi might come from the sky instead of the street. Once a hallmark of science fiction, flying taxis have become the cutting edge of aerospace engineering thanks to researchers like UC Davis’ Seongkyu Lee, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering (MAE). Lee’s group is conducting groundbreaking aeroacoustics research to lay the computational groundwork to make air taxis a reality.

Agriculture Goes Digital

To produce food for a growing population and a changing climate, growers need to understand their crops on an individual level.

Irrigating an entire orchard or vineyard with the same level of water and nutrients may make some plants excel at producing nuts or fruit, while others might be getting more than they need. Not knowing this can lead to disappointing crop yields, wasted water, high costs and long-term damage to both the plants and the environment—all of which can devastate a grower.

Staff Spotlight: Sara Mitchell

Sara Mitchell recently joined the college as the executive assistant to the chair and academic personnel for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

In this role, she independently provides leadership, oversight and office support for academic personnel. She is responsible for academic personnel functions, including policy interpretation, recruitments, appointments, the academic personnel advancement and promotion process, visa processing and oversight for the department. 

Paving the Way to Zero Emissions from Cement

In a new perspective article for the journal One Earth, Sabbie Miller, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at UC Davis, Professor John Harvey, director of the Pavement Research Center at UC Davis and colleagues at ETH Zurich and Imperial College London break down the greenhouse emissions challenges facing the cement industry and present a strategy to get to zero emissions.

UC Davis to Lead Groundwater and Irrigated Agriculture Sustainability Study

Researchers from the University of California, Davis, have been awarded a $10 million grant by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture to find ways to sustain irrigated agriculture while improving groundwater quantity and quality in the Southwest under a changing climate.

UC Davis College of Engineering 2022 Undergraduate Rankings

The 2022 U.S. News and World Report rankings of America’s Best Colleges show that UC Davis’ College of Engineering is moving up the list. The College of Engineering was ranked 27 out of 206 universities that offer doctoral programs, which is up one place from last year.

Staff Spotlight: Daryl Fitzgerald

Daryl Fitzgerald joined the College of Engineering as the director of corporate relations and development in July. His role focuses on forging connections that create philanthropic opportunities and align the strategic priorities of the college with the interests and goals of corporate partners and other donors. Daryl brings over 15 years of experience from prior roles at Chico State’s College of Engineering, Fresno State's College of Engineering and UC Merced.