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Statement: Resources and Support for Those Impacted by Unrest in Iran

The UC Davis College of Engineering has many past and present students, staff and faculty from or with strong ties to Iran. They are an important part of who we are as a community. As dean of the college, I encourage you to read the statement from campus leadership with resources and support for those impacted by unrest in Iran.

Beyond the Bean

This fall, UC Davis will begin construction of the UC Davis Coffee Center, creating the world’s first academic research center focused on coffee. The building will house office and teaching space, labs, a roastery and more as part of an effort to transform the way people think about and understand the beverage.

2022 Outstanding Faculty, Excellence in Teaching and Other Faculty Award Recipients

Each year, the UC Davis College of Engineering recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in research and teaching. Honorees for the college-wide Outstanding Faculty Awards are nominated by their departments and selected by the college’s faculty awards committee. In addition, the college honors faculty members selected by their departments to receive the Excellence in Teaching Award.

Making my mark as a first-generation Latina in a STEM world

Choosing to pursue electrical engineering was one of the best decisions Vanessa Liera '22 ever made because even though it brought big challenges, it brought her to amazing people, new experiences and a better future. In this blog, she explains, "I stopped letting fear get in the way of me chasing my dreams, and my life has turned out better than I could’ve imagined."

Lensless Camera Creates 3D Images From Single Exposure

Researchers at the UC Davis College of Engineering have developed a camera that uses a thin microlens array and new image processing algorithms to capture three dimensional information about objects in a scene with a single exposure. The camera could be useful for a variety of applications such as industrial part inspection, gesture recognition and collecting data for 3D display systems.

UC Davis Receives Accolades as Top 10 Public University

The University of California, Davis, continues to stand among the nation’s top 10 public universities and now claims the No. 1 spot in biological and agricultural engineering in rankings by U.S. News & World Report.

The 2022-23 edition of “Best Colleges,” released today (Sept. 11), has UC Davis tied with the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Wisconsin-Madison for No. 10 among public universities and No. 38 overall among national universities.

"Engineering a Better Cup of Coffee" on Coffee 101 Podcast

In this episode, Kenneth at Umble Coffee sits down with Professor William Ristenpart, director of the UC Davis Coffee Center, to discuss the efforts that are being made to engineer a better cup of coffee. They explore how the industry is working to reduce the level of waste generated and make better use of the byproducts. Currently, humans only consume around 3% of the coffee cherries that are harvested. That is why the industry is exploring new ways to use those waste materials and enhance the fermentation and roasting processes so that less energy is consumed.

Engineers Study Bird Flight

A new study from Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Assistant Professor Christina Harvey uses modeling and aerodynamics to describe how gulls can change the shape of their wings to control their response to gusts or other disturbances. The lessons could one day apply to uncrewed aerial vehicles or other flying machines.