Minimum Progress FAQ

Expected and Minimum Progress

Expected Progress

A full-time regular undergraduate student shall be considered to make expected progress with an average of 15 units passed per quarter.

Minimum Progress

A full-time, regular undergraduate student shall be required to maintain an average of at least 12 units passed per quarter over all quarters of enrollment. Minimum progress shall be defined as an average of 12 units passed per quarter calculated at the end of every quarter. The average shall be calculated based on the number of quarters in which the student was enrolled full-time during that period. Only full-time quarters are considered.

Detailed information on the minimum progress requirement can be found at

Units that count toward minimum progress:

  • Units from all credit-bearing courses completed with a passing grade at UC Davis are counted.
  • Workload units (e.g. MAT D or WLD 057) completed with a grade of ‘D-‘ or better will count toward minimum progress, even though these courses may not yield units toward your degree.
  • Units from repeated courses are counted up to a maximum of 16 units.
  • Units from in-progress courses (IP) will be counted as units passed.
  • Incomplete units are counted in the quarter during which the course was originally taken once a grade is assigned.
  • Units passed at another accredited school and transferred to UCD, or passed during a summer session at UCD shall be counted. These units will be included during the first full-time quarter of enrollment at UCD immediately following completion of the units and completion of processing of transcripts – to be submitted by the student, to UCD.

Units that do not count toward minimum progress:

Advanced placement (AP) units and units completed prior to a student’s first regular full-time quarter at UC Davis will not count toward minimum progress.

Students who are approved for part-time status:

Students who are officially approved for part-time status are exempt from the minimum progress calculation for the period of time that they maintain part-time status.

Students who are on PELP (Planned Educational Leave Program) or Withdrawn:

Quarters during which students are on PELP or withdrawn, in which students are not enrolled on a full-time basis, will not be included in the minimum progress calculation.

Minimum Progress Waivers:

Generally it is not possible to waive the minimum progress requirement. However, exceptions may be granted if a student has an minimum progress waiver approved by the Student Disability Center. Students should speak with an advisor or the Student Disability Center for further details.

Failure to Make Minimum Progress

A student whose degree progress average is less than 12 shall be placed on “academic probation on the basis of inadequate progress” for the following quarter. An undergraduate student is in scholastic good standing if not on academic probation or subject to disqualification either on the basis of GPA, or on the basis of inadequate progress.

A student who has been on academic probation on the basis of inadequate progress for two consecutive quarters, and whose degree progress average remains below 12 at the end of the second quarter of probation, shall be “subject to disqualification on the basis of inadequate progress.”

A student on the basis of inadequate progress for two consecutive, full-time quarters shall be disqualified from the university. That action shall be taken by the College faculty (or its authorized agent) and is subject to such conditions as the faculty may impose. Exceptions to disqualification on the basis of inadequate progress may be granted by the Associate Dean in appropriate circumstances under policies adopted by the college faculty. For more information about the dismissal appeal process, click here.

Students who have filed to graduate

If a student has officially filed to graduate and have met all degree requirements, they will be allowed to graduate even if subject to disqualification for minimum progress.

Official Transcript Notation

Unless a student is actually dismissed from the University, the official transcript won’t include a minimum progress notation.