Picnic Day

Picnic Day 2024 - Saturday, April 20

Picnic Day 2024 UC Davis

Picnic Day is a longstanding UC Davis tradition that showcases the great breadth and excellence of all that UC Davis brings to the community of Davis and beyond. Each April, Aggies around the world celebrate UC Davis, and Aggie Engineers are no exception. Student clubs and teams, departments and the Dean's Office feature their latest and greatest for alumni and friends on Picnic Day.

We invite you to join us in the engineering activities below and celebrate excellence in engineering for the 110th Picnic Day!

Picnic Day 2024 Events

Materials Magic Show

Come join MASC as they explore the world of Martio’s (Marten Site)’s mushroom kingdom and showcase the material properties through fascinating and exciting demonstrations. Can their knowledge save their friend from Bane’s (Bane Ite) domain of evil?