How Curious!

How Curious!

How Curious! Graduate Student Research Series

How Curious! offers graduate students in master's and Ph.D. programs in the College of Engineering an opportunity to present their research findings and engage in scholarly discussions with their peers and faculty members. The goal is to foster collaboration, encourage intellectual exchange, and support the professional development of our graduate student community.

Key Highlights

  • 15-minute Presentations followed by a Q&A session.
  • Business Casual: Recommended attire to maintain a professional atmosphere.
  • Mistakes Welcomed: Embrace every slip-up as a learning opportunity in a friendly setting.
  • Diverse Audience: Engage with students, faculty, and external guests eager to hear your insights.
  • Free to Participate: Both for presenters and attendees. No cost, just curiosity.

Each session of How Curious! will feature presentations from current graduate students covering various engineering disciplines, providing valuable insights into current research topics and methodologies. We invite presenters and audience members to actively participate in these discussions, contributing to a vibrant scholarly community within our college.

Why Join?

  • No Boundaries: Open to all graduate students, regardless of your field. Your niche is our norm.
  • Collaborate and Connect: Dive into vibrant discussions, expand your network, and find collaborators.
  • Professional Growth: Enhance your presentation skills in a supportive, engaging environment. No reviews, no judges – just curiosity and constructive conversation.

Whether you are a graduate student eager to share your research or a faculty member interested in supporting our students, we invite you to join us for the How Curious! Graduate Student Research Series.

Stay tuned for the Fall 2024 schedule and registration. 

Presenter at a How Curious! Event
Presenter at a How Curious! Event
Presenter at a How Curious! Event

How Curious! Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process and Selection

  • Can any graduate student in engineering participate?
  • Yes, the How Curious! Graduate Student Research Series is open to all registered graduate students in engineering. We welcome participants from various engineering disciplines to share their research and engage in interdisciplinary discussions. Whether you're pursuing a master's or doctoral degree, your contributions are valued, and we encourage you to participate in this collaborative platform for knowledge exchange and scholarly growth.
  • How are presenters selected?
  • Presenters are selected based on promoting equity across all engineering graduate programs, class levels and ensuring a variety of topics are represented. The organizers review applications to curate a diverse lineup of presentations that showcase the breadth and depth of graduate student research within the College of Engineering. We aim to provide opportunities for all graduate students to participate and share their unique contributions to the field.
  • Are there scores or judges for the presentations?
  • No, there are no scores or judges for the presentations. How Curious! is designed to foster a collaborative and supportive environment where presenters can share their research with a friendly audience without the pressure of competition. Presentations are intended for sharing knowledge, receiving feedback and engaging in scholarly discussions with peers and faculty members.
  • If I've already presented, can I present again?
  • While we appreciate your enthusiasm, we prioritize allowing new participants to present to ensure a diverse range of research topics and perspectives are shared. Therefore, if you have already presented in a previous session, we kindly ask that you allow others to participate in subsequent sessions. However, we encourage you to attend and engage in the discussions as an audience member.

Presenter Logistics

  • How will I know my presentation date?
  • Once all applications have been reviewed, selected participants will receive an email notification with their assigned presentation date and time. Please ensure to check your email regularly for updates from the organizers.
  • What should I do if I need to reschedule my presentation?
  • If you need to reschedule your presentation slot, please promptly contact the organizers. We will endeavor to accommodate your request, depending on the availability of alternative time slots.
  • Can I change the schedule of the series to accommodate my availability?
  • In Spring 2024, the schedule of the series is fixed to ensure consistency and accommodate the availability of all participants. However, if you have specific concerns or conflicts, please reach out to the organizers, and we will do our best to assist you. We will examine additional scheduling options in the future.
  • What happens if I get sick?
  • The health and well-being of everyone is our top priority. If you are feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms of illness, we strongly encourage you to prioritize your health and stay home. If you are scheduled to present, please notify the organizers as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of your condition and the timing of your notification, we will work with you to explore alternative options, such as rescheduling your presentation for a future session or arranging for a colleague to present on your behalf. Take care of yourself, and remember that your health comes first. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all participants.

Presenter Content and Preparation

  • What is the length of each presentation during the How Curious! Graduate Student Research Series?
  • Each presentation is expected to last approximately 15 minutes, followed by a brief Q&A session for audience engagement and feedback.
  • Is there a dress code for presenters?
  • While there is no strict dress code, we recommend business casual attire for presenters to maintain a professional atmosphere during the seminar series.
  • Is it okay to make mistakes during my presentation?
  • Yes, absolutely! Making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process, and our seminar series aims to provide a supportive and constructive environment for presenters. Feel free to embrace any mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning. Our audience and fellow participants are here to support you, and we encourage an atmosphere of collaboration and encouragement.
  • How can I best prepare for my presentation?
  • To best prepare for your presentation, we recommend thoroughly rehearsing your presentation content to ensure clarity and coherence. Additionally, consider incorporating visuals such as slides or multimedia elements to enhance engagement with your audience. It's also beneficial to anticipate potential questions and feedback from the audience, allowing you to respond confidently and effectively during the Q&A session.
  • Who will be in the audience?
  • The audience for the How Curious! Graduate Student Research Series will include fellow College of Engineering students, faculty and staff members who are curious and supportive of your research endeavors. Additionally, you are welcome to invite guests from outside the university community to attend and participate in the discussions.

How Curious! Series Details

  • How will the series be promoted?
  • We will promote the How Curious! Graduate Student Research Series via email announcements, social media platforms and university websites. This multi-channel promotion ensures maximum visibility and encourages widespread participation from the College of Engineering community and beyond.
  • How many speakers will there be each week?
  • We aim to feature three to four graduate student presenters each week, depending on availability and the length of presentations. This allows for a dynamic and engaging seminar experience while accommodating the diverse research interests of our graduate student community.
  • What kind of refreshments will be provided?
  • We will be providing light refreshments during the event, mindful of dietary restrictions, including options suitable for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets. Please note that specific refreshment options may vary weekly depending on availability.
  • Is there any cost for presenters or to attend?
  • No, there is no cost for presenters to participate in the How Curious! Graduate Student Research Series, and attendance for audience members is also free of charge.
  • Is there a virtual option for attending the How Curious! Graduate Student Research Series?
  • At this time, we do not offer a virtual option for attending the series. However, we are actively exploring virtual alternatives and hope to provide this option soon to accommodate a wider audience.