DAVIS, Calif.­­­; June 9, 2016–At this year’s 13th International Conference on Mining and Software Repositories UC Davis Department of Computer Science Engineering Professor Prem Devanbu received a “10-Year Most Influential Paper Award.” The paper honored, “Mining Email Social Networks,” was presented in 2006 at the Mining Software Repositories (MSR) international workshop.

Dr. Christian Bird (left), UC Davis alumnus, is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research. Prof. Prem Devanbu (right), of the UC Davis Department of Computer Science Engineering, was Dr. Bird’s faculty advisor.

The paper describes research done by Dr. Christian Bird while earning his PhD at UC Davis under the supervision of Prof. Devanbu. Dr. Bird is now a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA. Additional collaborators included undergraduate student Alex Gourley from the UC Davis Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Prof. Michael Gertz then of the UC Davis Department of Computer Science, and now at Heidelberg University; as well as UC Davis Graduate School of Management Prof. Anand Swaminathan.

Prof. Devanbu earned his B.Tech at the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai, India, and followed that with a doctorate from Rutgers University. After spending nearly 20 years as both a developer and researcher at AT&T Bell Labs and its various offshoots, he left industry to join the UC Davis College of Engineering faculty in 1997 and is a co-director of the UC Davis DECAL Lab. Prof. Devanbu currently leads a multi-institution project, with collaborators at Iowa State and Carnegie-Mellon Universities, funded by a $2,000,000 National Science Foundation grant. This project will study and exploit repetitiveness in “Natural Software” and was described in a recent article in CACM Research Highlights.

In 2006, he was Principal Investigator on a project funded by a three-year, $750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, to study how collaborative teams construct open-source software such as the Apache web server, the PostgreSQL database and the Python scripting language.

Dr. Bird works on Empirical Software Engineering as part of the Research in Software Engineering RiSE group at Microsoft Research. He received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University and PhD in Computer Science from UC Davis, studying empirical software engineering under Prof. Devanbu. Dr. Bird currently is working on ways to use data to guide decisions of stakeholders in large software projects.

The two-day International Conference on Mining and Software Repositories explores resources to improve the field of software development that cover source code repositories, archived communications between project stakeholders, issue trackers, social media channels and question & answer sites.