Lili Mirshahzadeh

Lili Mirshahzadeh

Position Title
Academic Advisor

  • Undergraduate Studies
1050 Kemper Hall

Lili received her M.Sc. in Structural Engineering and has worked in industry as a structural and an R&D engineer and in academia as an adjunct faculty in American River College before joining Engineering Undergraduate Office in January 2018. Lili enjoys working with students who are exploring their areas of interest in engineering and helping them learn about expectations in industry and how they should prepare themselves to meet them. She also strives to work with students to employ best learning strategies and practices in studying engineering courses. In her free time, Lili works on various craft projects such as woodworking, ceramics, sewing, and painting. She also enjoys recognizing the applications of engineering, mathematics, and science in solving daily life problems and learning through her experiences and mistakes.

Education and Degree(s)
  • Master of Science, Structural Engineering