Shot of the moon

Space Exploration

Professor Stephen K. Robinson participates in an extravehicular activity (EVA) on the International Space StationUC Davis engineers are pushing the boundaries of space exploration.

Our researchers seek solutions that will bring humanity forward into new frontiers. Our engineers lead the Habitats Optimized for Missions of Exploration (HOME) Space Technology Research Institute. Our teams integrate engineering, research, robots and artificial intelligence to develop new paradigms for the design of NASA's deep-space habitats.

Mechanical engineers use basic science in the design and manufacture of complex engineering systems. They apply physical and mechanical principles to the development of machines, energy conversion systems, materials and equipment for guidance and control.

Aerospace engineers apply scientific knowledge to the design, manufacture and operation of bodies and vehicles influenced by aerodynamic forces.

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Stephen RobinsonDr. Stephen K. Robinson, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Stephen (Steve) K. Robinson joined the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering faculty as a full time professor Fall 2012, after retiring from NASA. His 36 years of distinguished service at NASA include numerous honors and awards–four shuttle missions, three spacewalks–and extensive expertise in spacecraft systems, space robotics and scientific payload operations. As a research scientist, his areas of interest include turbulence flow physics and modeling, experimental techniques, instrumentation, 3D scientific visualization, applied aerodynamics, safety engineering and applied cognitive psychology.

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