2022 College of Engineering Undergraduate Student Awards

The UC Davis College of Engineering congratulates the students who have received Outstanding Senior Awards, Department Citations and Scholar Awards. These students demonstrate the best in leadership, academic achievement and service both in and out of the classroom.

Students with directory listings marked "confidential" have been excluded from the lists below.

2022 M.S. Ghausi Medal

The M.S. Ghausi Medal is named after the College of Engineering’s third dean, Mohammed S. Ghausi. The award is the highest honor bestowed upon one outstanding graduating senior from the College of Engineering. This year’s Ghausi Medal recipient is Gabriella "Gigi" Bond from the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Learn more about Gigi's experience at UC Davis.

2022 Outstanding Senior Award Winners

The Outstanding Senior Awards recognize graduating seniors who have made significant contributions to the learning environment through active academic engagement at UC Davis. This prestigious award is given to seniors across campus and is distinct from the departmental awards. Each College of Engineering department selects one graduating senior per major.

  • Aerospace Science & Engineering
    Award recipient record is confidential
  • Biochemical Engineering
    Connor Lyon
  • Biological Systems Engineering
    Sasha Eckstein
  • Biomedical Engineering
    Shannon Lamb
  • Chemical Engineering
    Leo Jayachandran
  • Civil Engineering
    Matthew Chen
  • Computer Engineering
    Ryan Kim
  • Computer Science and Engineering
    Benjamin Lee
  • Electrical Engineering
    Thomas Abbott
  • Environmental Engineering
    Ruby Telfer
  • Materials Science & Engineering
    Chad Serrao
  • Mechanical Engineering
    Siddhesh Yadav

2022 Department Citation Award Winners

The following students are recognized by their departments for exemplary achievements or service. 

  • Biomedical Engineering
    Naijing Guo
    Gigi Bond
    Tzuwei Gabriella Lai
  • Biological and Agricultural Engineering
    Sasha Eckstein
    Elijah Stockwell
  • Chemical Engineering
    Jason Wu
    Nathanael Kang
    Michelle Lo
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Tingxian Liu
    Martin Liu
    Jessica Ha
    Laura Wadsworth
    Michelle Zhang
    Cham Said

  • Computer Science
    To be announced
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Jacob Sillman
    Gabriela Garcia-Ortega
    Theodora Triano
    Elvin Huang

    Ankit Ohri
    Richard Dowd
    Vincent Huynh

  • Materials Science and Engineering
    Pooja Rao
    Avery Adams
    Sevag Momjian
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

    Shuhao Wan
    Michael Puso
    Faiza Alvi

2022 Chevron Scholar Award Winners

Chevron Scholar Award recipients come from multiple majors across the college and are managed by the College of Engineering Undergraduate Dean’s Office. The Chevron Scholar Award is made possible by the Chevron Corporation.

  • Eshan Thilakaratne
  • Georgy Zaets
  • Christian Hernandez
  • Parth Shah
  • Jonathan Hale
  • Issamar Garcia
  • Julie Nguyen
  • Nicholas Chan
  • Xuan Huang
  • Stacy Long
  • Anish Kondepudi
  • Kelsey Gill
  • Ashna Reddy

All other scholarships for College of Engineering students are managed by the Undergraduate and Prestigious Scholarships office as well as the College of Engineering’s eight academic departments.

Dean’s Honors List

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Note: If you received an award but do not see your name on the website, it is because your directory listing is confidential. If you would like to have your name published, please complete a consent to release your directory information for this purpose and email the completed form to engugrad@ucdavis.edu.

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