Claude Laguë

Alumni Spotlight: Claude Laguë, '89

Claude Laguë received his B.S. and M.S. from Université Laval in Canada in 1982 and 1986, respectively and his Ph.D. from UC Davis, all in agricultural engineering. Laguë is professor of agricultural engineering at the University of Ottawa and is well respected for his teaching and innovation in machine design, soil mechanics and environmental engineering. He has held many leadership roles at different universities throughout his career including the dean of engineering at the University of Ottawa.

“The very demanding course work that was required as part of the Ph.D. program in engineering at UC Davis provided me with knowledge and skills that were extremely useful in adapting existing courses and developing new courses when I started my academic career as a professor,” said Laguë.

Laguë has successfully worked to increase the number of women in engineering and improve diversity overall. He has advanced engineering education and student entrepreneurship throughout his career. He has made outstanding contributions to the profession through his technical innovations, academic leadership and community service.

Laguë says the risk-taking attitude prevalent in California further sparked his interest for innovation and entrepreneurship and his engineering education prepared him to not only to compete with, but often lead, his professional peers. Laguë’s advice to students is to explore and try to experiment as much as possible to find the path that will bring you satisfaction in your professional career.

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