Aggie Advising for First Years

Freshman aggie advising
Be sure you have completed Aggie 101 before your Aggie Advising Appointment.

Take your Placement Exams

Your placement results are critical to choosing the proper courses for Fall quarter, take your placement exams during the placement exam window - May 24-May 31.

  • Math 
  • Go to the Math Placement website here for more information on how and when to take the exam. All students who register in MAT 12 or 21A, are required to take the Mathematics Placement Exam. 
  • Chemistry 
  • Go to the Chemistry Placement website here for more information on how and when to take the exam. All students who register in CHE 2A or CHE 2AH are required to satisfy the Chemistry Placement Requirement.
  • Writing
  • Students who have not satisfied Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) prior to coming to UC Davis are required to take the UC Davis Writing Placement Survey. More information can be found here.
  • Computer Science
  • Students interested in taking Computer Science 36A at UC Davis are required to take a Computer Science Placement exam. More information can be found here.

Schedule Your Appointment

Follow the steps below to schedule a time to meet with your advisor for Aggie Advising. Appointments will be available beginning June 14. 

  • Login to the Online Advising Appointment System
  • Visit the appointment system and login with UC Davis ID and Passphrase. Select "College of Engineering Dean's Office", enter your information and select "Aggie Advising (new student)" under "Special Situations".
  • Select Date & Time
  • Once you have confirmed your information, you will be shown a calendar with available appointments. Choose the day and time that works for you. 
    *Note: You may need to click forward to additional weeks for open appointments depending on demand.
  • Check Your Email
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your UC Davis email account. It will have instructions and a Zoom link to log in for your appointment. If you are using a computer, you will be prompted to download the Zoom app when you click the link. If you are using a mobile device, please download the Zoom app prior to your appointment. You will also have an option to call in if you are unable to connect via another device. We suggest you check your internet or data connection so your appointment runs smoothly.

Prepare for Your Appointment

We want to make sure you get all the information you need to register for fall classes with confidence. To do that, your advisor will need you to come prepared with specific information and questions. The following tips will help you get ready.

  • Review Your First-Quarter Major Recommendations
  • Review the specific courses recommended by your major so you can build a solid first-quarter schedule.
    Links coming soon:
      •  Aerospace Science and Engineering 
      •  Biochemical Engineering
      •  Biological Systems Engineering
      •  Biomedical Engineering
      •  Chemical Engineering 
      •  Civil Engineering
      •  Computer Engineering
      •  Computer Science and Engineering
      •  Electrical Engineering
      •  Environmental Engineering
      •  Materials Science and Engineering
      •  Mechanical Engineering
  • Fill out the Aggie Advising Prep Questionnaire
  • This questionnaire is your first opportunity to communicate with your advisor. It will help them learn a bit about you and the topics you're most interested in discussing during  your appointment. You can find the questionnaire in the OASIS student portal and it should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

    Make sure to write down your questions! If Aggie 101 hasn’t answered all your questions, be sure to make a list of the items that you want to discuss with your advisor.
  • Get to Know Your Advisor
  • Curious to know more about your advisor? Learn more about our advising team.
  • AP Exams & Transfer Credit
  • Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate/A Levels/Transfer Credit— Transfer credit may impact your recommended fall courses. You can check to see what credit you will receive here:
    •  Advanced Placement (AP)*
    •  International Baccalaureate*
    •  A Levels*
    •  Transfer Credit (from a California community college)
    *Please note: Credit for these courses will not grant you General Education credit at UC Davis*

Next Steps

After your appointment you'll want to begin preparing for registration and beyond.

  • Login to Schedule Builder to check your Pass time and search for the courses your advisor has recommended.
  • Check your UC Davis email for important announcements and reminders.
  • Register for Aggie Orientation.
  • Complete the "Life as an Aggie" activity. See how current and former students describe their experiences of coming to college. Then, reflect on your own thoughts and feelings about coming to UC Davis.