2018 Engineering Design Showcase Largest Showcase to Date

By Bonnie Dickson

DAVIS, Calif.; June 7, 2018 – The College of Engineering will host nearly 200 student teams and close to as many industry judges at its annual Engineering Design Showcase on Thursday, June 7 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. at the UC Davis ARC Pavilion. This is the largest showcase in the event’s eight-year history.

The Engineering Design Showcase is the culminating experience for engineering seniors who have completed their engineering coursework and applied their skills to a real-world problem or client-based project. Each student team completes a capstone project that involves the design and prototype a product, device, process or software system. Student projects address a wide range of societal challenges, from sustainable farming to novel medical research to better identify and treat cancer. 

The event brings together project teams from all eight of the College’s departments as well as alumni, donors and industry partners who review and judge student exhibits and project demonstrations. Each student team will “pitch” their projects to at least three different industry judges, who then provide feedback on elements such as the team’s ability to identify, formulate and solve an engineering problem, communication, teamwork and adherence to current engineering standards and techniques. The feedback students receive from industry judges is central to Design Showcase.

The College graciously acknowledges the companies, corporations, and individuals who have generously supported this event, particularly 2018 event sponsor, ChevronBoeing and the UC Davis Internship and Career Center also supported this year’s event. If you are interested in supporting this event in the future, consider a donation to the Engineering Design Showcase fund or contact Melinda Seevers, assistant dean of development and external relations for the College.

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The Engineering Design Showcase brings together project teams from all eight departments for an opportunity to share student designs with the public. Photo: Lucy Knowles/UC Davis