Updated 07/07/2017

We look forward to welcoming all of our new first-year engineering students to the UC Davis College of Engineering. As a freshman, things can sometimes seem overwhelming, but here are some tips for fitting in quickly from Alin Wakefield, former Student Affairs Officer for the College of Engineering.UC Davis Engineering Students

1. Visit Your Major Adviser
The General Catalog is actually that big and the major is that confusing. Don’t worry though, a visit to your adviser can clear things up for you. Your adviser is there to help you work out your schedule and advise you which classes to take so that you’re on track for graduation. Engineering students are required to see your adviser at least once each year, but good students see their adviser every quarter. If you’re thinking about changing your major, it’s a good idea to talk to the adviser in the major you’re thinking about to discuss your interests and make an academic plan. Click for more information for all of the advisers in the College of Engineering.

2. Ice Cream Social
Attend the college’s annual Ice Cream Social. The Ice Cream Social is a great way to meet people, hang out with friends, and enjoy some free ice cream. Most of the engineering clubs will attend to share information about their activities; joining a club is a great way to meet new friends.

3. Internship & Career Center
Visit the Internship & Career Center during your first year. The ICC is a great resource for planning out your life after college. They hold resume workshops, host career fairs, and have all sorts of advice for you so that your transition to a (hopefully high-paying) job after graduation is smooth as possible.

4. Find a Study Partner
Meet another student in your major? Ask them to be your study partner. Freaked out by Calc? Good news: everyone else is too! Take the opportunity to find a study buddy so you can be stressed out together during midterms! Think about it: if you two can’t puzzle it out, at least you can be miserable together!

5. Go to Class
Really. Keep in mind that these classes aren’t as easy as the ones you had in high school. We know that getting up for that 8 a.m. class is a drag when you stayed up late and your bed is warm and comfy. It might seem like just one missed class, but bad habits are hard to break.

For more helpful information for your first year at UC Davis Engineering, see our website: http://engineering.ucdavis.edu/first-year-orientation/

If you should ever need any assistance during your time at UC Davis, don’t hesitate to consult the College of Engineering’s Undergraduate Studies Advising Office: http://engineering.ucdavis.edu/undergraduate/advising/

Some suggestions for #AggieSuccess from UC Davis Engineering students:

Joannalyn Belison
#AggieSucess Focus + Great time management = Success! Focus on your goals/classes and manage your time wisely! Have fun, but not TOO much fun!

Steven Dunbar
#AggieSuccess If you missed points on that last homework, quiz, or test, find out what you did wrong before forging ahead. Most everything matters in engineering! If your teacher doesn’t return them (I’ve had one or two) but you see a bad grade, go to office hours and see if you can look at your test and the answers. At the very least you can show the teacher you’re trying, and if they allow it you can see exactly where you went wrong.

Kurt Norris
#AggieSuccess An optimist sees the glass half full. A pessimist sees the glass half empty. An engineer sees a glass twice as big as it needs to be.

Adham Azizi
#AggieSuccess (anti)tip: chegg and yahoo answers. Just kidding, go to office hours.

Ahmed Siddiq ヅ
#AggieSuccess Tip: (from personal experience)
Read short biographies of successful engineers. Most of them had to go through difficult situations, but they NEVER GAVE UP. Engineers SOLVE problems, they don’t give up! Engineers – The Future is yours!

Natalia Nguyen
#AggieSuccess tip: Go to office hours (TA and/or professor) when you really need help. They are more than happy to help you out. Also, establishing a connection with a professor can always be a good thing. Some professors may offer you major or career-related advice.

Nayeem Shah
#AggieSuccess Optional homework? Do it anyways.

Melissa Lopez
#AggieSuccess Tip: Get an engineering buddy! For everything. To go to class together; that way you’ll go even when you don’t want to. To do projects and homework on time because you won’t want to fail your eng buddy. To study whenever (even late night) and discuss problems because you both will need it. To share the pain of obstacles together as a common ground. Connect yourself with other fellow engineers!

Aneesh Rege
#AggieSuccess The key to working through college and the rest of your life is keeping track of where you stand, and always know your options. You are a college student now, so it’s time to start acting like the mature, determined Aggie you are. UC Davis is full of opportunities to help you better yourself- find out all that UCD has to offer. Seize opportunities and develop yourself. Get involved with research, internships, sports, etc. Get good grades, but don’t forget to leave time for the people you care about and yourself. Spend your days here so when you look back, you won’t wish you did anything differently.

Dustin Ellis
Have a study plan and work that plan. Get things done as soon as possible. Remember, no matter how you do in any class, on any type of exam, it’s not the end of the world…. You still have options. It’s not over. #AggieSuccess

James Chen
Don’t be upset if you didn’t get the grade you wanted on a midterm/quiz/final/class because there’s always a next. Get yourself together and work hard to do better. You are admitted to Davis because you have the potential, believe in yourself and become a great Aggie. #AggieSuccess

Kandy Holland
#AggieSuccess Tip: Do your homework when it is assigned, not the day it is due. This way you will have time to study the material and not have to worry about scrambling at the last minute to get your homework done