Engineering Design Showcase

Students at the 2019 Engineering Design Showcase

Engineering Design Showcase - June 3rd, 2021

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The Engineering Design Showcase is the culminating experience for graduating seniors. A senior design experience is required for all students in an engineering major. Teams complete a capstone project in which they design and prototype a product, device, process, or software system. This event brings together project teams from all eight departments for an opportunity to share student designs with the public. Also attending the event will be invited guests from industry partners and donors. These guests serve as reviewers who provide expert feedback to student teams on their exhibits and project demonstrations.

Additional Information

The Engineering Design Showcase is open to members of the public.


Please contact the Engineering Dean's Office by phone (530) 752-1979 or email

Questions regarding serving as an evaluator at the Engineering Design Showcase may be directed to the College of Engineering by phone (530) 400-3213 or via email.

Evaluating a student project at Engineering Design Showcase 2019

For Evaluators

We invite industry partners and UC Davis College of Engineering alumni who would like to see first-hand the work of our students to join us as evaluators. As part of your attendance, you will be asked to provide specific feedback to a small number of teams on their communication skills, design process, demo, prototype and more. We hope to provide students with an opportunity to practice “pitching” their ideas in a setting similar to what they will find during their careers.

Click here to register as an evaluator by May 20, 2021

Evaluator Expectations

As an evaluator, you will be asked to provide specific feedback to a small number of teams. We appreciate the time and effort evaluators will share with our budding engineers. Click here to see a sample 2020 Evaluator Form. Evaluations for the 2021 Virtual Design Showcase will be done through UC Davis Now. 

FAQ for Evaluators

  • Is there a live portion of the showcase? 
  • Unfortunately, this year we are not able to provide a live interface for evaluators to interact with the teams. Evaluators will have an opportunity to review the abstracts, posters, and any additional media in order to make evaluations.
  • Will I be assigned teams to evaluate? 
  • Yes. As in previous years, evaluators will be assigned teams to review. In making assignments, we will do our best to accommodate evaluators’ preferred area(s) of focus.
  • Can I check out other teams that I’ve not be assigned to?
  • Yes! Evaluators are encouraged to review other teams’ materials once their assigned evaluations are complete.

Students presenting at the 2019 Design Showcase

For Students

Engineering students enrolled in a senior design course or who participate on a design project/team are eligible to participate in this event. Specific information about presenting during this event will be distributed through your course instructor or adviser. Additional details about event logistics will be emailed to team members in spring quarter. The Dean’s Office will cover the cost of one poster printing for participating teams.


Only one person from each design team should complete the form. This person will be designated the team lead for purposes of contact regarding poster printing and team assignments.

Click here to register to participate in the 2021 Showcase by May 9th, 2021

Sandia Design Award Competition

The showcase is not a competition. There is, however, an embedded competition for the Sandia Engineering Design Award. This is only applicable to projects that fall within the award specifications. Please see the award announcement for more details. You can find past reports in this resource repository.

Resources for Students

Please see this repository for support on poster design and other resources.