Civil and Environmental Engineering

GGSS Seminar: US20 Realignment - Pioneer Mtn to Eddyville – Navigating Ancient Landslide Terrain in the Oregon Coast Range by Chris Carpenter

Chris Carpenter, P.E. has 22 years of geotechnical engineering experience with Cornforth Consultants, Inc.-Landslide Technology working in the Pacific Northwest, Mountain West, and Alaska. His areas of expertise include design of landslide stabilization measures, dam safety evaluations, seismic site response, slope stability and deformation analyses.

Improving Community Resilience by Designing for Functional Recovery Seminar by Ryan Kersting

In an effort to support community resilience goals, the concept of improving post-earthquake functional recovery time of buildings through development of better building codes has received significant attention in the last 5 years in particular, but the work to enable these discussions has been ongoing for the last 10-20 years if not more.