E-SEARCH Project Showcase


Event Date

Kemper Lobby

Join us for the grand finale as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of E-SEARCH mentoring pairs and the exciting outcomes of their projects! Experience the innovation, collaboration, and ideas that have emerged from these partnerships. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the culmination of dedication and hard work, all leading to this celebration.

Full project abstracts available here

Team 001  |  Hot Wheels Wind Tunnel
Ivan Leung, Daniel Rivera

Team 002  |  Get Started with Python: Processing and Visualizing Census and Geospatial Data
Victoria Lam, Weijing Wang

Team 003  |  Enhancing Wildfire Monitoring through Remote Sensing with Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery and Python Programming
Quynh Tran, Mohammadreza Narimani

Team 004  |  Vernacular materials for construction and building: an overview
Xiang Gu, Patrick Cunningham

Team 005  |  Numerical Simulation of Passive Suspension Systems: Investigation of the Impact of Vehicle Type, Road Roughness, Dampers, and Springs
Anthony Castellanos, Maziar Mivehchi

Team 006  |  Nonlinear Effects of Gravity Loads on Irregular Frame Structures under Earthquakes and Wind
Betty Choy, Arka Maity

Team 007  |  Dynamical Inference of Nonlinear Latent Structures in iEEG data during Decision Making
Angela Zhou, Logan Peters

Team 008  |  Unsupervised Model for Depth Estimation
Doai Ngo, Katherine Cheng

Team 009  |  Evapotranspiration Rate Measurement for Lettuce Cultivation in Closed System Environment
John Haugseth, Abir Ahsan

Team 010  |  Does data augmentation teach deepfake detectors a clearer worldview?
Carly Wolf, Jayneel Vora

Team 011  |  Side-Channel Analysis using STLINK V3PWR: Enhancing Hardware Security through Attack Simulation and Performance Monitoring
Donggeon Kim, Kevin Immanuel Gubbi

Team 012  |  An Exploration of Water Quality and Greenhouse Gas Dynamics in an Aerated versus a Non-Aerated Reservoir
Genevieve Imboden, Ruth Thirkill

Team 013  |  Criteria to screen liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHCs) for coupling with direct isopropanol fuel cell (DIFC)
Shrishti Chezhian, Siddharth Sonti

Team 014  |  Autophagy Behavior in Neuronal Cells: Quantifying Morphological Cell Profiles
Elle Defensor, Neil Adia