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AvenueE Joins the College of Engineering

AvenueE is a program designed to help community college transfer students smoothly transition to UC Davis, and ultimately, a career in engineering or computer science. It aims to increase participation of women and underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), with the goal of creating a new generation of promising STEM talent and leadership.

This program was developed by UC Davis and founding corporate partner, Chevron, in collaboration with Los Rios, Peralta, San Joaquin Delta and Contra Costa Community College districts. Originally housed in the provost’s office, AvenueE became a part of the College of Engineering in mid-2020.

“AvenueE students are tremendously talented scholars who come to UC Davis with valuable skills, assets and a desire to affect change in their communities and the world. We know that AvenueE students will be the intellectual and creative leaders of tomorrow, so we nurture their potential by exposing them to people, information and resources that will support their academic success and help to launch them in the direction of their goals,”

– Yesenia Cervantes-Tucker

The Koret Foundation recently granted $4 million to undergraduate career-preparation programs across UC Davis, including AvenueE. This funding will provide a $2,500 scholarship to each student during their first year and help test and develop the best services to retain and graduate transfer students, positioning them to have successful careers in engineering.

New AvenueE Leadership

Yesenia Cervantes-Tucker

Yesenia Cervantes-Tucker

AvenueE Director

Yesenia Cervantes-Tucker will work to eliminate
barriers that prevent full participation of women and
underrepresented minorities in engineering and
computer science. She has more than 16 years of
experience in academic programs that increase college
access, preparation and persistence for first-generation,
low-income, marginalized and minoritized students.

Shannon Long

Shannon Long

AvenueE Program Coordinator

Shannon Long has an extensive background in
teaching, mentoring and advising, as well as program
development, administration, assessment and
mental health. Her expertise will help the college
improve retention, graduation rates, time-to-degree
and achievement gaps of first-generation and
underrepresented minority college students.

Learn more at https://avenuee.engineering.ucdavis.edu/

This story was featured in the Spring 2021 issue of Engineering Progress.

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