Two Quantum Computing at Davis Club members stand at chalkboard
Quantum Computing at Davis aims to educate undergraduate and graduate students in Quantum Information Sciences by providing hands-on projects and workshops. (Rishi Donapati/UC Davis)

Club Spotlight: Quantum Computing at Davis

Quantum Computing at Davis (QCD) is a student research group that aims to educate undergraduate and graduate students in quantum information sciences by providing them with hands-on projects and workshops. They foster the quantum community at UC Davis through collaborations between faculty and students and facilitate the transition from top-quality coursework to publishable work. 

“The collaboration of students from all backgrounds on a common project makes our club so unique and exciting. Quantum information is highly interdisciplinary, and our members come together from all departments.” -Tim Linke, QCD president

Another unique aspect of this group is their “5-Minute Talk” series. Each week, before beginning to work on projects, each QCD member does a short presentation on a topic they are passionate about. This series encourages intriguing discussions and establishes learning opportunities for all levels of expertise.

QCD is currently working on open-source contributions to the International Business Machine Corporation’s (IBM) Qisket platform. They are also working to present a quantum game at the 109th annual Picnic Day in the spring. Additionally, they are setting up collaborations across the UC system to host shared events, including hackathons.

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