Message from the Engineering Undergraduate Office

uc davis engineering undergraduate message june 2020

Dear Engineering Undergraduates,

At a time in which many of you were looking forward to your name being read and celebrating at commencement we are called to shout the names of the victims of institutional racism and reflect on how we can grow as a society. The Engineering Undergraduate Office stands to honor George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and countless others. This is a time of change and as engineers you are at the forefront of innovation. Social innovation is no different and we are here not to just stand in solidarity, but to commit to doing the work to make our community and world safer. We recognize change is often challenging and we encourage you to reach out and take the time to process, heal, and refocus. There are many resources available to you, including those listed below and support provided through academic advising.

There is such opportunity in these trying times and always more to learn. We hope you can take the fervor we see you exhibit towards your engineering studies and direct that same passion to learning about the structures and systems that continue to challenge our society, as we commit to doing the same. Engineers are in their hearts doers and we must all embody that spirit of action now more than ever.

There are many campus resources you can use and/or share with others during this time:

Engineering Undergraduate Office
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