Student with protective equipment in a lab

Our Vision

A Culture of Safety

Message from Jennifer Sinclair Curtis, Dean of College of Engineering: Engineering has a firm commitment to our collective safety culture where we all contribute in meaningful ways.  This includes demonstrating care about everyone’s safety and health through both our actions and our words.  With a strong safety culture, we can continue to innovate and do the impactful research and education to which all our faculty, researchers, students, and staff contribute.

Message from Jonathan Klane, Director of Strategic Change in Safety Culture & Programs: Safety culture is how we do safety here.  It’s our group norms and behaviors around safety as well as risk.  While it may be challenging to accurately measure quantitatively, it’s more often described qualitatively.  And it is frequently easy to observe.  How do we discuss safety and risk?  How do we lead?  What are the values we demonstrate?  It is an ongoing, iterative, and reflexive group process.  At times it feels a bit like a social science experiment.  As we go about our lives here, we all contribute in one way or another to our safety culture.  Thank you for doing your part!

Message from UCD Safety Services: We envision an incident-free campus where students and employees alike are educated and equipped to work safely. With support from campus safety professionals, they are empowered to take responsibility for safety at work, at home and in their communities.

Students working in the Coleman Kronawitter LabValues for a Safety Culture:

  • Community Spirit
  • Collaboration
  • Adherence to Law and Policy
  • Investment
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Accountability
Group members of the Moule Lab

2020 UC Davis Lab Safety Awards Winner

Congratulations to chemical engineering professor Adam Moule and the Moule Lab for winning the second annual Lab Safety Awards grand prize. This award recognizes the research group from across campus that demonstrates the strongest commitment to laboratory safety. These awards are endorsed by the faculty-led Chemical and Lab Safety Committee.

The College of Engineering has a dynamic program to facilitate a culture of safety.  Some of these initiatives include:

  • A Director of Strategic Change in Safety Culture and Programs to help drive our efforts
  • A safety culture and risk team of career staff throughout the College
  • A Faculty Safety Culture Advisory Committee
  • A Graduate Student Safety Culture Advisory Committee
  • Our safety culture and risk survey of all graduate students, faculty, and staff in the College
  • A series of monthly safety/health learning events
  • A holistic view and frame for our approaches to safety culture and risk
  • And more to come!