How Curious!

How Curious!

Man Yu, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Presenting: A Revised Switching Scheme of SAR ADCs

Francisco Jackson, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Presenting: Modeling Wing Morphology of the Red-Tailed Hawk (Buteo Jamaicensis)

Calum Shelden, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Presenting: How to levitate two-dimensional magnetic materials using repulsive Casimir forces

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How Curious!

Weijing Wang, Transportation Technology and Policy

Presenting: Car or No Car? Toward Equity-Centered Clean Transportation

Randi Swanson, Chemical Engineering

Presenting: Structural Characterization of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics in Three Dimensions

Hyehyun Kim, Biomedical Engineering

Presenting: Rat primary cortical cell tri-culture to study microglia function under amyloid-beta exposure and electrical stimulation

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How Curious!

Ece Deniz, Materials Science and Engineering

Presenting: Functional Characterization of Photovoltaic Materials through Advanced Microscopy

Patrick Cunningham, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Presenting: Using material flow analysis as a tool to evaluate the supply of ​supplemental cementitious materials​ for more sustainable concrete

M.A. Mort, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Presenting: Modular until it’s Not – Imaging Fast, Hard X-Rays at NIF

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How Curious!

Peifen Lyu, Materials Science and Engineering

Presenting: Magnesium: a Burgeoning Material for Sustainable Photonics

Ray Chiang, Materials Science and Engineering

Presenting: Inelastic neutron scattering predicting conjugated polymers charge carrier mobilities

Peyton Young, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Presenting: The Effects of Limb Position and Applied Load on Hand Gesture Classification Accuracy using Electromyography and Forcemyography

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How Curious!

Abigail Hering, Materials Science and Engineering

Presenting: Forecasting halide perovskite degradation with machine learning

Toulik Maitra, Chemical Engineering

Presenting: Rethinking Inelastic Neutron Scattering Spectra Analysis - A Progressive Approach for Phonon Analysis of Organic Electronic Materials

Andrew Arends, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Presenting: Astronaut-Powered Laundry Machine

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How Curious!

Mansha Dubey, Materials Science and Engineering

Presenting: Humidity driven response of charge carrier lifetimes in halide perovskites

Yuankai Zhu, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Presenting: Scheduling and Trajectory Planning for Multiarm Harvesters

Siddharth Sonti, Chemical Engineering

Presenting: Elucidating the fluxionality and dynamics of zeolite-confied Au nanoclusters using machine learning potential

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