Mechanical and aerospace engineering

Faculty Spotlight: Mohamed Hafez

August 05, 2020

As he approaches his 35th year on campus, mechanical and aerospace engineering professor Mohamed Hafez continues to leave an indelible mark on the department and his students. He has taught and mentored undergraduate, graduate and high school students and postdoctoral scholars alike while introducing several courses and being a driving force behind aerospace engineering at UC Davis.

Alumni Spotlight: Brian Peters '88

August 04, 2020

Engineering alumnus and Inneos CEO Brian Peters ‘88 is a successful leader, businessman and entrepreneur in the optics industry, but he wouldn’t lead with that. In his 25 years in business, Peters takes the most pride in leading companies with an inspired community of colleagues who have helped him carve out his place in Silicon Valley.

UC Davis, Caltrans Partner to Prevent Wrong-Way Driver Crashes

July 13, 2020
Caltrans and the UC Davis Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology (AHMCT) Research Center today released two reports highlighting ways to prevent rare but often deadly collisions involving wrong-way drivers.

Senior Spotlight: Tomoya Otsuka

June 05, 2020

Tomoya Otsuka is a fourth-year mechanical engineering student at UC Davis. After graduation, he plans to attend graduate school either in Sweden or Switzerland to focus on developing fast and efficient railway systems and learn more about sustainable engineering.

As someone who has seen much of the world after living in Japan and Australia for 15 years before coming to the U.S., Tomoya will always remember the memories he made at UC Davis.

Senior Spotlight: Reiko Yoshizawa

June 05, 2020

Reiko Yoshizawa is finishing her undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at UC Davis. After graduating, she will start a full-time job as a manufacturing engineer at the medical device company Penumbra.

One of her favorite memories from her time at the College of Engineering was building a gearbox that could carry a couple of textbooks up a ramp in her mechanical design class. Reiko and her friends faced a myriad of challenges when manufacturing and assembling the components, but she enjoyed the work and it was rewarding to see the final project in action.

Senior Spotlight: Melissa Johnson

June 05, 2020

Melissa Johnson is graduating with degrees in mechanical engineering and design. After graduation, she plans to start working in either design consulting or STEM education, ideally at a job where she can use both of her degrees, before returning to higher education to get her master’s.

Senior Spotlight: Kyle Sager

June 05, 2020

Kyle Sager is graduating from UC Davis with a degree in mechanical engineering and will be moving on to work for Phillips 66 in Rodeo, as a project engineer. Some of the best advice Kyle received as an engineering student was to not shy away from a challenging problem.

“Engineering is all about problem solving and the best way to do this is actively trying to solve it. With the proper amount of interest and dedication to the subject at hand, it is impressive what you can learn and achieve,” said Kyle.

Senior Spotlight: Felipe Valdez

June 05, 2020

Felipe Valdez is a mechanical and aerospace engineering graduate student at UC Davis. After graduation, he is starting his full-time position at NASA.