Updated 09/13/2018

This page is currently undergoing updates. For current requirements, please view the new 2017-2018 Transfer Credit Agreement reflecting major requirements for Fall 2019 transfer applicants to the College of Engineering:


You can also view new Engineering major requirements for Fall 2019 transfer applicants:

The following is a list of Transfer Credit Agreements between community colleges in the state of California and the UC Davis College of Engineering. This page is to be used only as a guideline. For more detailed and specific advice on your requirements, see the transfer counselor at your institution, consult ASSIST, or contact the Engineering Undergraduate Office at (530) 752-1979. Choose a letter to go to the alphabetic list of community colleges with transfer credit agreements:


ABCDEFGHI – J – K – LMNOP – Q – RST – U – VW – X – Y – Z


The following files are in PDF format. PDFs require the free Adobe Reader.