Event Details

Date: Thursday, June 4th  1-4pm
LocationARC Pavilion


11:00 a.m. Students arrive to set up stations
12-12:50 p.m. Student Preview (You are welcome to walk about the Pavilion and preview your fellow classmates projects)
1-4 p.m. Engineering Design Showcase


Click here to Register to Participate in the 2019 Showcase by April 19th 2019

Only one person from each design team should complete the form. This person will be designated the team lead for purposes of contact regarding poster printing and team assignments. 

The showcase is not a competition. There is however, an embedded competition for the Sandia Engineering Design Award. This is only applicable to projects that fall within the award specifications. Please see the award announcement for more details. 

One poster per team will be printed free of charge by the College of Engineering Dean’s Office if submitted by the assigned deadline.


Questions regarding  Engineering Design Showcase may be directed to Natasha Coulter at the College of Engineering Undergraduate Office, by phone (530-752-1905) or email (nbcoulter@ucdavis.edu).