At UC Davis Engineering we welcome transfer students, who prove to be some of our best undergraduate scholars. If you are considering transferring to the College, congratulations! You could be finishing your undergraduate degree in a rigorous program, ranked among the top engineering schools in the nation, as part of a friendly forward-thinking academic community.

These pages are designed to provide the resources you’ll need to make the seamless transition to the UC Davis College of Engineering and to succeed as a student.

Are you an admitted transfer student for Fall 2018?  Please check out the

2018 Orientation Presentation-Transfer.


Admission Requirements and Eligibility

Transfer admission requirements for the current academic year are listed here. You may use ASSIST to search for courses at your current college that are equivalent to UC Davis courses in engineering and other disciplines.

You must complete all required courses if they’re offered at your current college. If they are not offered at your college, you must complete them after enrolling at UC Davis.

Transfer Credit Agreements

The College of Engineering maintains a list of specific courses at California community colleges that are equivalent to engineering major requirements.

Transfer Admission Priorities

  • Highest Priority: California community college applicants who have completed two transferable English composition courses and all the required lower-division engineering coursework offered.
  • Lower Priority: California community college applicants who are missing one or two required lower-division courses.
  • Lowest Priority: Transfers from other UC campuses and other four-year institutions.
  • At least ninety transferable quarter units (or sixty semester units).
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.10 and cumulative GPA of 3.20 in the selective major courses.

Admission denied if applicant is missing three or more required lower-division courses.

Lower-Division Requirements

  • Upon admission, you as a transfer student will be classified as having upper division status.
  • However, you still must complete all lower-division course requirements in your specific engineering major as listed at ASSIST under “Courses Required for Admission.”
  • However, you may start your upper division coursework while you are completing your lower-division requirements, provided you meet all prerequisites for the upper division courses.
  • For more specific advice on lower-division requirements for community college students, meet with the transfer counselor at your school or see ASSIST.

Change of Major

You will be admitted to the college in a specific major.

Completed Entire GE Requirement at Another UC (Reciprocity):

If you are a transfer student who has satisfied the entire General Education requirement of another UC campus, then you will not be held to completing the UC Davis General Education requirement. However, please follow the steps below to ensure this information is included in your UC Davis record:

1. Ask your prior University of California campus to write an official statement indicating that you fully satisfied the General Education requirements at that UC campus. Consult with the Registrar or your Dean’s Office at that UC campus for specific instructions on requesting such a statement. The statement must be on official UC letterhead and include a contact name/office.
NOTE: It is possible that UC reciprocity may not satisfy your upper-division composition requirement at UC Davis. Please consult with your UCD program adviser for details.

2. Have the statement submitted to the Engineering Undergraduate Office in Kemper Hall. See below for official mailing address.

3. Once the official statement is received, you will receive a confirmation from the Engineering Undergraduate Office.

Mailing Address

Engineering Undergraduate Office
ATTN: UC Reciprocity
1 Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

Resources for Planning a Successful Transfer

The Transfer Opportunity Program (TOP) is a collaboration between UC Davis and 18 Northern California community colleges. TOP coordinators from UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions regularly visit participating colleges to provide counseling to students and parents on admission and selection to UC Davis, major preparation, general education, financial aid, housing, internships, study abroad and many other important student services.

The UC Davis Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program offers transfer students a guarantee of admission to UC Davis, one year in advance, in their major of choice. The agreement, available at all California community colleges, is prepared online by the transfer student and submitted to his/her primary community college. The community college will submit authorized TAGs to UC Davis for approval. Approved TAGs outline the classes and grades required to guarantee admission to UC Davis.

International Students

International students applying for transfer to UC Davis from California community colleges or universities are considered for admission using the same eligibility criteria as domestic students. Applicants who have attended foreign and U.S. colleges and universities will be evaluated using courses and grades from both institutions. Priority is given to California community college transfer students prepared to begin their junior or third year of study.

Second Baccalaureate

Only the College of Engineering considers applications from students who already have a bachelor’s degree. Second baccalaureate applications to the College of Engineering will only be considered if the applicant’s first degree is not in engineering and if the lower division engineering selective major criteria has been completed at a California community college. You must submit the online UC undergraduate application for admission and scholarships during the appropriate filing periods.

After your application receives a full evaluation for meeting college, UC and UC Davis selection and admission criteria, it will be reviewed by the dean of the college and the executive director for Undergraduate Admissions for admission consideration based on superior academic recordclear evidence of a change in objectiveand enrollment space available in the applied major.

Effective Fall 2019, the college will consider 2nd baccalaureate applicants for admission in Biological Systems Engineering (EBSE) and Materials Science & Engineering (EMSE) majors only.  Effective Fall 2020, we will only accept 2nd baccalaureate applicants in Biological Systems Engineering (EBSE) and Materials Science & Engineering (EMSE) majors only, and close to all other engineering majors. 

  • Completed Entire GE Requirement at Another UC (Reciprocity):

Second baccalaureate students in the College of Engineering whose first bachelor’s degree is from any UC campus will not be held to completing the UC Davis General Education requirement. NOTE: It is possible that UC reciprocity may not satisfy your upper-division composition requirement at UC Davis. Please consult with your UCD program adviser for details.