Revolutionizing Energy Systems

Ultrafast Laser Pulses Could Lessen Data Storage Energy Needs

New research published in Physical Review Letters shows how an experiment with lasers and magnets resulted in the domain walls within ferromagnetic layers moving at previously unheard-of speeds, paving the way for more sustainable and energy-efficient data storage.

Tackling Climate Change with Chemical Engineering

As researchers look for new ways to help slow a changing climate and mitigate the effects of a fossil fuel-based energy system, UC Davis professor Ambarish Kulkarni and his team of researchers are using chemical engineering to find sustainable solutions.

Shamim Ahamed Named Hellman Fellow

A dozen early-career faculty members at UC Davis have been named to this year's Hellman Fellowship, a program to help propel their work to the next level. One faculty member selected is Shamim Ahamed, an assistant professor of biological and agricultural engineering.

Building a Better Battery

The humble battery: a device most people rarely think about until the phone runs low, the car won’t start, or the smoke detector beeps in the middle of the night. While they may take a back seat in our interactions with the devices they power, batteries are a critical factor in advancing technological innovation. 

'This Project is Mushrooming'

It is the year 2035. In a world facing climate catastrophe, the human enterprise is powered by fields of wind farms, with turbine blades made from fast-growing grasses and the roots of a million-year-old fungus.