Transforming Mobility

A Second Wind

UC Davis' first wind tunnel was built in 1975 in Bainer Hall by then-new faculty member Bruce with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Today, assistant professors Camli Badrya and Christina Harvey are taking the wind tunnels to the next level.

Computing on the Edge

You’re on a long road trip. You’re enjoying your favorite tunes as your self-driving car moves you down the road. Then suddenly, a driver going in the other direction swerves into oncoming traffic right at you. Will the artificial intelligence, or AI, in the car have enough time to react and save you from a head-on crash?

Engineers Study Bird Flight

A new study from Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Assistant Professor Christina Harvey uses modeling and aerodynamics to describe how gulls can change the shape of their wings to control their response to gusts or other disturbances. The lessons could one day apply to uncrewed aerial vehicles or other flying machines.

Developing a Fleet of Quiet Rotorcraft

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Associate Professor Seongkyu Lee’s group will apply their expertise in predicting rotorcraft noise to help industry leader Supernal identify noise sources in their aircraft designs and recommend strategies to reduce it.