UC Engineers Reimagining the Possible



UC National Engineers Week

When the University of California was founded in 1868, faculty in the Mechanic Arts, Mines and Civil Engineering were among the first to be hired. From the water, transportation and energy systems that form the infrastructure of this state to the technological breakthroughs that power Silicon Valley, UC engineers have been core drivers of the state's economic growth.

More than 150 years later, engineering remains a core part of the university's curriculum and identity.  Nine UC campuses house highly ranked colleges or schools of engineering enrolling more than 45,000 students. Over the past five years, the University of California has awarded more than 53,000 degrees, making the system among the most prolific producers of engineers in the world.

In honor of National Engineers Week, we are highlighting the achievements and contributions of UC engineers in the areas of Human Health, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and Innovation. UC engineers are “reimagining the possible” every day. They demonstrate how access to a top-tier education can transform the future and influence the course of our state and our world.