Preparing Engineering Graduate Students for the 21st Century

The PEGS 21 program has four essential student components:

  1. Multi-level mentoring: academic mentoring, peer mentoring
  2. Cohort development and academic skills training
  3. Workforce readiness training including the PEGS 21 Entrepreneurship Academy or equivalent entrepreneurship training offered by the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  4. Stipend that allows reduction of first year employment hours to allow focus on participation in program elements

During the first academic year, PEGS 21 scholars will receive a $10,000 stipend and spend an average of 10 hours per week engaged in program activities.  Each scholar will create a PEGS 21 development plan in consultation with the scholar’s mentoring team that will include participation in a weekly cohort meetings and academic skills building workshops and career development activities. These will be incorporated in a weekly one-unit seminar.

To allow sufficient time for scholars to participate in and benefit from these elements of the program, PEGS 21 scholars will receive a $10,000 scholarship for the first year of study.  This will allow a 25% reduction in standard 50% first-year graduate student employment as a Reader, Teaching Assistant (TA) or a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) thus maintaining the level of graduate student financial support common to incoming students. It will also allow greater flexibility to explore research available to incoming students. Stipend funding will be awarded in three quarterly payments beginning on November 1 with the third payment made on April 1. Continued first year funding is contingent upon good academic standing and participation in required activities.

For more information, please contact Alin Wakefield.