2013 Zuhair A. Munir Award

The College of Engineering’s Awards Committee has selected Dr. Mark Gabel as the winner of the 2013 Zuhair A. Munir Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation for his research entitled “Inferring Programmer Intent and Related Errors from Software” under the mentorship of Professor Zhendong Su in the Department of Computer Science. 

In addition, the Awards Committee recommended Dr. Jing Lu and Dr. Anh Tran for Honorable Mention. The committee recognizes Dr. Lu for his research entitled “Oxide-and Zeolite Supported Molecular Iridium Complexes and Clusters: Resolving Support, Ligand and Nuclearity Effects in Catalysis” under the mentorship of Professor Bruce C. Gates in the Department of 

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. The committee recognizes Dr. Tran for his research entitled “On-Chip Network Designs for Many-Core Computational Platforms” under the mentorship of Professor Bevan M. Baas in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

The Zuhair A. Munir Award honors the individual who has submitted the best doctoral dissertation within the College of Engineering. The Awards Committee made the selection from extremely competitive submissions from the graduate programs. The award honors the contributions of the College of Engineering’s fifth dean, Zuhair A. Munir

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