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2023 Undergraduate Student Awards Recognize Engineering Excellence

The University of California, Davis College of Engineering congratulates undergraduate students who have received the M.S. Ghausi Medal, Outstanding Senior Awards and department citations. These students demonstrate engineering excellence and the best in leadership, academic achievement and service both in and out of the classroom.

2023 M.S. Ghausi Medal

The M.S. Ghausi Medal is named after the College of Engineering’s third dean, Mohammed S. Ghausi. The award is the highest honor bestowed upon one outstanding graduating senior from the College of Engineering. This year’s Ghausi Medal recipient is Aman Ganapathy from the Department of Computer Science. Learn more about Aman's experience at UC Davis.

2023 Outstanding Senior Awards

The Outstanding Senior Awards recognize graduating seniors who have made significant contributions to the learning environment through active academic engagement at UC Davis. This prestigious award is given to seniors across campus and is distinct from the departmental awards. Each College of Engineering department selects one graduating senior per major.

  • Aerospace Science and Engineering
    Carlos Anthony Natividad
  • Biochemical Engineering
    Andrew Ly
  • Biological Systems Engineering
    Victoria De La Trinidad
  • Biomedical Engineering
    Neeraj Senthil
  • Chemical Engineering
    Samantha Dvorochkin
  • Civil Engineering
    Nadiyah Helal
  • Computer Engineering
    Brian Nguyen
  • Computer Science and Engineering
    Aman Manvattira Ganapathy
  • Electrical Engineering
    Yi-Hsien Peng
  • Environmental Engineering
    Delbert Truong
  • Materials Science and Engineering
    Lillian Delp
  • Mechanical Engineering
    Huy Tran

2023 Department Citations

The following students are recognized by their departments for exemplary achievements or service. 

  • Biomedical Engineering
    Outstanding Academic Achievement: Muhammad Rehman and Neeraj Senthil
    Outstanding Undergraduate Research: Karen Zhao
    Outstanding Leadership: Kelly Berndt
  • Biological and Agricultural Engineering
    Stephany Aguayo Uribe
    Summer Reeves
    Victoria De La Trinidad
    Jordan Wong
    Jonathan Potter
  • Chemical Engineering
    Dhruva Adiga
    Mason Lydon
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Haodong He
    Katherine Lacaze  
    Atticus Washington
    Shen Huot
    Oksana Pivnyuk

    Katie Connolly
    Massimo Romano
    Lena Ray
    Annina Jordan Pajala
    Erika Trinh

  • Computer Science
    Rebekah Grace
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Christine Mitroff
    Chloe Tain
    Kazim Jafri
    Isaiah Heidrick

    Rithik Sachdeva
    Pranav Kharche
    Sabrina Noorahmad-Yarzada

  • Materials Science and Engineering
    Yu Cheng Wang
    Trevor Li
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

    Natasha Evens
    Shuchen Ye
    Bryan Tiang
    Shivam Khosla
    Reza Sasankhah

Dean’s Honors List

To see the quarterly Dean’s Honors List, click here.

Note: If you received an award but do not see your name on the website, it is because your directory listing is confidential. If you would like to have your name published, please complete a consent to release your directory information for this purpose and email the completed form to

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