How Autocrats Control Internet Traffic Out of Sight

Authoritarian regimes exert control over the internet through transit networks that operate largely out of public view, according to a recent study by researchers in the U.S. and Germany. The work, published in PNAS Nexus, also shows how more sophisticated authoritarian regimes extend their influence by providing network access in poorer but politically similar countries.

A Solution for AI’s Bias Problem

As artificial intelligence gains momentum, University of California researchers are identifying discrimination in the algorithms that are shaping our society, devising solutions, and helping build a future where computers do us less harm and more good. 

App for Coffee Quality Assurance Engineered at UC Davis

Researchers at the UC Davis Coffee Center in the College of Engineering, through a partnership with cloud service provider Fabscale, have engineered a new way to analyze coffee for quality control, at a low cost. Their new photo-based app Roastpic is launching on April 12 to give anyone with a smartphone a better picture of the quality of their coffee beans. 

Weaving Design and Engineering for Next-Gen Wearables

Gozde Goncu-Berk, an associate professor of design at the University of California, Davis, is forging partnerships with professors from the College of Engineering to realize innovative research in wearable technology.

Across the Spectrum

When it comes to innovating within applied electromagnetics, Assistant Professor William "Billy" Putnam has found that the best way to move forward is to look toward the past.

Modeling Better Futures

Each month, UC Davis will profile faculty members in their Among the Academies series to honor their contributions to scientific research and knowledge. This month, they featured Jennifer Sinclair Curtis, who served as Dean of the College of Engineering from 2015-2020.

Coffee Across Borders

Tonya Kuhl, chair of the chemical engineering department and co-director of the UC Davis Coffee Center, exchanges coffee and chemical engineering research and knowledge with Osaka University, a UC Davis Global Knowledge Partner.