2022 Outstanding Faculty, Excellence in Teaching and Other Faculty Award Recipients

Each year, the UC Davis College of Engineering recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in research and teaching. Honorees for the college-wide Outstanding Faculty Awards are nominated by their departments and selected by the college’s faculty awards committee. In addition, the college honors faculty members selected by their departments to receive the Excellence in Teaching Award.

Lensless Camera Creates 3D Images From Single Exposure

Researchers at the UC Davis College of Engineering have developed a camera that uses a thin microlens array and new image processing algorithms to capture three dimensional information about objects in a scene with a single exposure. The camera could be useful for a variety of applications such as industrial part inspection, gesture recognition and collecting data for 3D display systems.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Richard Corsi, dean of the College of Engineering, talked with Public Scholarship and Engagement at UC Davis about the Corsi-Rosenthal Box, the importance of public scholarship, and why recognition of community-engaged research matters in faculty merit and promotion.

Thwarting Viruses, Restoring Speech

Chemical Engineering Assistant Professor Priya Shah has been awarded $40,000 for her project that unravels the essential aspects of arbovirus replication, and aims to thwart a major source of emerging disease by identifying novel therapeutic targets.

Sanjeevi Sivasankar Appointed Faculty Advisor to the Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

Sanjeevi Sivasankar, professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, has been appointed the College of Engineering’s faculty advisor to the dean for diversity and inclusion, effective September 1. In this role, Sivasankar will champion initiatives that promote DEI and support Dean Richard Corsi in attracting and retaining a diverse and inclusive college community.

A Viral Sensation

When Dr. Richard Corsi floated an idea on Twitter for a highly effective, inexpensive, DIY air purifier to help lower the risk of COVID, his light-bulb moment went viral in the best possible way. Now many of America’s top scientists—and even the White House—are touting the invention, and people all over the planet are thinking inside the box.