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Morning Edition Features Civil and Environmental Engineering Distinguished Professor Jay Lund

Jay Lund, Distinguished Professor of civil and environmental engineering and vice director of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Science, joined NPR's A Martinez on Morning Edition on January 17, 2023. During the episode, Lund shed light on California's levees and if they can hold up against the pressures of climate change.

UC Davis Professors Bring Chemical Engineering Back to its Whiskey Roots

For UC Davis Chemical Engineering Professor Greg Miller, a new course began with a single sip.  While tasting whiskey with friends, he noted an unusual peppery flavor and became curious how it was produced. The more he looked, the more he realized that there wasn’t an easy answer, as most whiskey distillers rely on tried-and-true recipes instead of science.  

Study Finds Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes Reduce Indoor Air Pollutants

A study published by researchers at Brown University and the Silent Spring Institute has found the Corsi-Rosenthal boxes developed by Dean Richard Corsi to be effective at preventing the spread of additional indoor air pollutants.  A team from Brown University’s School of Public Health, School of Engineering, and Silent Spring Institute analyzed boxes installed at the School of Public Health.

Engineering AvenueE

AvenueE is a program within the College of Engineering that is designed to help community college transfer students smoothly transition to UC Davis, and ultimately, a career in engineering or computer science.

“We believe deeply in our studentsʼ intellect and capacity, and sometimes they just need a little bit of help to realize their potential,” said Yesenia Cervantes-Tucker, director of AvenueE. “We believe that cultivating a diverse STEM workforce is possible, and programs like AvenueE are making a difference in this space.”

Club Spotlight: Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

The Women in Computer Science (WiCS) club aims to provide women pursuing computer science at UC Davis an empowering space by providing opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, hosting workshops to facilitate success in the major and bringing in mentors to encourage and coach WiCS members.

UC Davis Hosts Inaugural Ujima Day

On September 2, 40 Black/African American middle and high school students and 10 staff from across Northern California visited UC Davis for Ujima Day—the culmination of the first year of the Ujima Girls in Robotics Leadership (GIRL) Project.

Engineering and the Diversity Imperative: The 15th Grand Challenge

Surf the internet. Turn on the lights. Use your GPS to find a restaurant. Sit down at the computer to check email and begin the work day. It’s difficult to imagine a day without the many conveniences and life-changing innovations that various feats of engineering have made possible: electricity, potable water, sanitary sewers, radio, television, computers, smartphones, roads, bridges, planes, trains, and automobiles.