Chemical engineering

Dr. Jovana Veselinović Receives the 2022 Zuhair A. Munir Award

In five years in the chemical engineering graduate program at UC Davis, Dr. Jovana Veselinović conducted groundbreaking interdisciplinary work on using nanoporous gold to detect biomarkers of disease while falling in love with Davis. She is this year’s recipient of the College of Engineering’s Zuhair A. Munir Award for best doctoral dissertation.

Karen McDonald Honored for Excellence in Biochemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Distinguished Professor Karen McDonald was honored for her outstanding contributions to the field of biochemical engineering with the 2022 Daniel I.C. Wang Award from the American Chemical Society’s Division of Biochemical Technology (ACS BIOT) and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ Society of Biological Engineering (AIChE/SBE).

A Microfluidic Approach to the Brain

Blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow are important transport processes in the brain that occur mostly in capillaries with a diameter of 5-8 micrometers, the smallest blood vessel in the brain. To microfluidic researchers like Chemical Engineering Associate Professor Jiandi Wan, this is an opportunity to play a significant role in discovering how the brain works.

Two Engineering Alumni Receive 2022 UC Davis Alumni Awards

Charles “Chuck” Nichols (electrical engineering '83) and John M. Wasson (chemical engineering '84) are among six UC Davis alumni recognized for 2022 Alumni Awards. Nichols, who served as president of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA) for two years and as trustee of the UC Davis Foundation, receives the Jerry W. Fielder Award. Wasson, who serves on the college's Dean's Executive Committee and the Department of Chemical Engineering's advisory board, receives the Outstanding Alumnus Award.

Faculty Spotlight: Priya Shah

My lab studies how viruses hijack cells and turn them into tiny viral factories that produce more viruses. This information can be helpful to develop therapies and also design new cellular controls inspired by our enemies (viruses)! I love my research because it is sometimes unbelievable how "clever" viruses can be by evolving certain traits.

Faculty Spotlight: Karen McDonald

I have promoted engineering as one of the most rewarding fields for women throughout my career.  It is intellectually fulfilling as it is technically challenging, requires creativity and constantly evolving. It is personally fulfilling to solve major societal problems and is financially rewarding.