Civil and environmental engineering

2021 College of Engineering Graduate Student Awards

February 22, 2021

Starting this year, the UC Davis College of Engineering is proud to recognize four outstanding graduate students with the College of Engineering Graduate Student Awards.

These awards honor the achievements and contributions of engineering graduate students for their research and service. Nominations were open to any M.S. and Ph.D. student enrolled in a graduate program in the college. Each award recipient will receive a $500 scholarship and their name will be added to a permanent display located in the Kemper Hall lobby.

Jasquelin Peña works to build and inclusive environment in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

December 08, 2020

Jasquelin Peña joined the UC Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as an associate professor in spring 2020. Her research lies at the intersection of natural, managed and engineered ecosystems and she aims to advance sustainable solutions to environmental quality problems.

She enjoys sharing her knowledge and connecting with UC Davis students while building a more inclusive environment.

Geotechnical Engineering Trailblazer: Professor Emeritus Izzat (Ed) Idriss

November 09, 2020

An internationally-recognized leader in the field of soil mechanics and foundation engineering, civil engineer Izzat (Ed) Idriss, professor emeritus of civil and environmental engineering, has influenced the construction of dams, nuclear power plants, office buildings, hospitals, and bridges around the world.

Fighting Fire with Engineering

November 09, 2020

On September 9, Northern California residents woke up to a dark orange smoky sky that rained down ash and made it hard to breathe. Sadly, days like this are becoming our “new normal.” As climate change makes wildfires burn faster, hotter and more often, humans need to understand the effects of these disasters and how to live with them.

UC Davis Engineering Receives $107M in Research Funding

November 09, 2020

THE UC DAVIS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING HAS GROWN ITS RESEARCH EFFORTS this year to an all-time high of $107M in funding, highlighting the knowledge and expertise of our engineers at UC Davis solving the world’s most pressing problems. Here are four new research efforts at UC Davis that showcase the college’s research strengths.

UC Davis Partnered Pavement Research Center Receives $32 Million Interagency Agreement from Caltrans for Pavement Research

October 08, 2020

Caltrans has approved a $32 million interagency agreement to continue the work of the Partnered Pavement Research Center project led by civil and environmental engineering professor John Harvey.

The University of California Pavement Research Center (UCPRC) is dedicated to using innovative research and sound engineering principles to improve pavement structures, materials, and technologies.

2020 Outstanding Faculty Award recipients and faculty awards

October 05, 2020

Each year, the UC Davis College of Engineering recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, research and community. Faculty members are nominated by their respective departments and are selected by the college’s faculty awards committee. These four professors will receive awards honoring their exceptional accomplishments during the virtual Celebration of Faculty Excellence on October 20, from 5-6 pm.

Concrete solutions that lower both emissions and air pollution

March 23, 2020
Sometimes, fixing one problem can create another. Concrete production contributes 8 percent of global greenhouse gases, and demand continues to rise as populations and incomes grow. Yet some commonly discussed strategies to reduce the sector’s global GHG emissions could, under some scenarios, increase local air pollution and related health damages, according to a study from the University of California, Davis.